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7 interior design trends that will dominate 2022

Working on the interior is always challenging, especially when decorating your own space. It is no surprise that tastes change, and what you considered outstanding and trendy some time ago may now be outdated and unwanted. Many interior design trends appear spontaneously and out of nowhere but remain in the limelight for a long time. Looking for trends to jazz up your space? Look no further! This article puts together the top seven interior design trends that will dominate in 2022.

Dual-purpose spaces

Were we to learn one thing from the pandemic, it would be: Make your space as multipurpose as possible! People now return to their offices, but the post-covid world remains unpredictable, so it’s unclear whether the restrictions will be reimposed. Some hope that the limitations are no longer the case. Others, in turn, prefer to be forewarned and forearmed, making their dwellings multi-layered that would allow them to handle their business and have someplace to rest. 

You are encouraged to break down your room into two sections where one resembles an office, and another is a chillout zone. Dividing these parts isn’t challenging; for example, you can make the room visually symmetrical, modifying posters, banners, and similar items. You can change image canvas size online and tailor visuals to your professional and basic needs.

Bold colors

Using bold colors has been popular for years. While in the past, the use of various colors and patterns was circumscribed by tiny elements, this year, bold colors mean incorporating pillows, rugs, upholstery, or even wall art. 

The great thing about this trend is it is versatile; it is for you to decide what to make colorful and attention-grabbing. You can combine simple and more architecturally restrained elements like stools with bright rugs, etc. 

Greenery, either natural or artificial

Focusing on the mind and calming your inner self is essential in 2022, and this is when green colors come into play. The green color endows the space with the feeling of sustainability and efficiency. You can fill your room with natural greenery, such as moss and plants – monsteras, ferns, and palms are great plants to have at home. If getting plants is not an option, painting your walls green may be your go-to.

Every green accent will underscore and augment your furniture. If the green color comes from plants, you will get purified air as a bonus.

Diverse artwork

Pieces of artwork are still part and parcel of every trendy interior design. Professionals recommend searching for unconventional and lesser-known collections to make the interior dominating. Drawings, sculptures, paintings, analog photos – they can fit any space if chosen thoughtfully.

Of course, you don’t have to look for underground authors and their masterpieces only. It’s more important to choose collections that resemble your perspectives and ways of thinking. If, for instance, you adore Cindy Sherman’s style, opting for her works will be a no-brainer. For instance, you can never make a mistake when hanging some animal or beautiful horse wall paintings they simply go anywhere and with their diverse colors open up any space. 

Vintage accents

Even interiors that include cutting-edge technologies have something vintage, and it doesn’t matter whether that vintage is functional. Vintage items carry rich history wherever they’re placed. They make the space toasty and fill the area with the feeling of nobility. Besides, such antiquities are often curvaceous and unique and can balance the interior, making it well-shaped and offset.

High tech items

High-tech interiors are another trend that will prevail in 2022. Technological advancement is arguably impressive, making our lives more manageable and effective. However, not only do new technologies ease our existence, but they also affect interior design tremendously. Suppose you plan to make your home futuristic. In that case, there is no better way to achieve that goal than purchase modern devices, such as cleaning robots, thermostats, amazon voice assistants, and a wide array of other spectacular gadgets. 

All-over color

Last but not least, you don’t need to go full-in in terms of finances to make your interior look contemporary. All you need is a tin of paint, and voila, your house looks like a million dollars! The trend relies on merging the color palette of several items at once. With an all-over color trend, you can make your doors, the trim, ceiling, and walls look the same. Following this trend won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but it will pinpoint the room’s aesthetics. Another feature of this simple yet effective approach is that monochromatic colors enlarge your space and make it significantly bigger. 

Get your dwelling into the spotlight in 2022

Without a doubt, many elements from the past years will continue to be fashionable in interiors. Experts say that their role in making the area impressive shouldn’t be underestimated. However, the mentioned trends will dominate this year, with their stylistic potential covering every element from 2021. Finding the balance between trends is vital, as you can’t simply pack your space with every trendy thing. But once you pick the few finest items that suit your space, you will manage to design the interior of your dreams in a timely manner!