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How to Make Space for Exercise in a Small Home

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, more people are working out from home than ever before. At the beginning of the crisis, gyms and fitness centers were forced to close, leaving many people searching for new ways to keep up with their fitness routines from home. And although gyms and health clubs are mostly back open, working out from home can be more convenient, less expensive, and a lot of fun – leading many people to continue this trend. But if you live in a small home, you might struggle to find enough room to work out. If you want to make more space for exercising in your home without leaving it feeling cluttered, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Do Bodyweight Exercises:

The good news is that you don’t need a lot of equipment to enjoy an effective workout from home. Bodyweight exercises are a great idea and all you need is enough space to stand or lay down in. Clear your living room and find workout videos on YouTube that you can play on your TV and exercise along to. Whether your goal is losing weight or toning up, there are so many workout routines you can use without using a single piece of equipment – just your own body. If you do want to add some equipment into your workout routine, look for smaller options like resistance bands and rubber dumbbells.

Consider Using a Sports Simulator:

Sports simulators like a golf simulator are a lot of fun and they can provide you with an excellent home workout too. You can use them indoors quite easily and they do not take up a lot of room. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn how to play golf and want to take advantage of the extra time you’ve got at home to get good at the game, or are an avid golfer looking for ways to improve your skills during the pandemic, a home golf simulator is a great idea.

Use a Gaming Console:

If you have a games console at home like an Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo Wii, you don’t have to be a couch potato every time you use it. In fact, there are plenty of games that you can enjoy and work out at the same time. Just Dance is a great option for Xbox Kinect as it really gets you moving and is fun to play with the whole family. If you’ve got a PlayStation, upgrading to the virtual reality equipment available with PSVR gives you the option to play plenty of exciting games that will get your body moving like Beat Saber.

Use Smart Storage:

Be smart about any workout equipment that you purchase and come up with smart storage solutions to put it away when it is not in use. For example, you could use high shelves to store dumbbells and weights to avoid using up too much floor space or get an ottoman bed and store your exercise equipment underneath it when it is not in use.

Do Cardio Outdoors:

While working out from home is great, getting out to exercise and getting some fresh air will also be good for your body, mind, and soul. Cardio machines like treadmills and exercise bikes often take up a lot of room, so get your cardio outdoors wherever possible. Activities like walking, running, and cycling can be done in your local area or at a local green space.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, working out from home has become more popular. If you live in a small home, it’s easier than you think to make space for exercise.