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Kitchen Must-Haves You Don’t Realize You Need
Until You Really Need Them

With so many new and innovative kitchen tools and gadgets, shopping for your kitchen must-haves can become overwhelming. Depending on your cooking habits, you may need more tools at your disposal. Are you a busy mom on the run, an avid chef, or even just someone who is really into techy kitchen gadgets? This article lists the not absolutely necessary, but convenient to have, must-haves that all of the best kitchen designs have! Keep reading to learn more and find out what your small kitchen needs today.

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Ever had to scrub a microwave with caked-on crud and grease until your hands were aching? Well, no more, because Angry Mama does the heavy lifting for you. On top of that, Angry Mama eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleaners. All you do is fill her up with water, vinegar, and lemon juice solution, pop her into the microwave for 7 minutes, and let her work her magic! The steam lifts the caked-on muck and the vinegar disinfects, making your job so much easier.

Reusable Straws

You don’t realize how much you need reusable straws until you find yourself buying countless plastic straws for various purposes. However, if you have kids or even like to enjoy an iced coffee yourself, reusable straws can really come in handy. To save your lipstick or to avoid stains on your teeth, straws are the item you should reach for, but not at the risk of harming sea animals. Replace your plastic straws with reusable ones today.

Splatter Screen

Splatter screens can save you so much time when cleaning up after cooking. These screens act as a shield between the pan and yourself, your stovetop, and your kitchen counter, protecting everything from grease. Everyone knows how hard dried-on grease is to remove. Make the job a little easier with a splatter screen.

Micro-Greens Mini Garden

Microgreens are all the rage right now. Did you know they are incredibly easy to grow in the comfort of your own kitchen? All you have to do is purchase a grow book like this one, and follow the growing instructions. You’ll have sprouts, mini arugula, spinach, and other greens in no time. Mini gardens come with LED lights, soil, and seeds. All you have to do is add water! These mini greens are a great addition to salads, sandwiches, and more.

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Built-in SmartWater Filter

If your fridge doesn’t have a water filter, installing a built-in SmartWater filter into your sink is the best alternative. Water filters like the Brita filter are only good for a week or two before the filter stops working as effectively. The filters for SmartWater are good for up to six months and are conveniently placed next to the sink faucet, leaving cold, fresh water at arm’s length.

Cast Iron Pan

Did you know cast iron pans deposit iron minerals when you cook with them? This makes it a great addition for people who might be a little on the anemic side. Cast iron pans also cook food more evenly throughout, allowing for a rich meal. Iron holds onto temperature better than other metals, allowing your food to cook better than ever before!

Magnetic Thermometer

Somehow the kitchen thermometer always ends up missing. However, a magnetic thermometer that sticks to the fridge is impossible to lose. This will always come in handy when cooking meat, especially with chicken. Having a thermometer on standby is a must, but constantly losing sight of it is annoying. Find one that sticks to the fridge and call it a day.

Magnetic Notepad

Need a notepad for your to-do list? Grocery list? Reminders? A notepad that sticks to the fridge is the best way to record important information and have it in a place where everyone can access it! Especially when you realize you’re out of milk, you can quickly add to the list within seconds.

Clean & Dirty Magnet for the Dishwasher

When you have multiple people living in your home, it’s hard to keep track of who last unloaded or loaded the dishwasher. Having a little magnet you can switch to say “dirty” or “clean” will prevent you from having to inspect every single dish to see if it’s been cleaned or not.

Apple Slicer

Maybe we’d all eat more fruits and vegetables if they were easier to slice up. Thankfully, there is a neat apple slicer that de-cores your apple and chops it into perfect, bite-size pieces. When you’re a mom on the run or someone who is trying to incorporate more fruits into their life, an apple slicer is a must-have for your kitchen.

Anti-Spill Soup Funnel

If you frequently make soups, getting an anti-spill funnel is a must for you. Pouring soup from a large pot always leads to a mess you have to clean up. However, this nifty gadget attaches to the lip of your pot and creates a spout to pour your soup from. This can also be used for sauces, making it a versatile tool. 

Glass Containers for Bulk Items

Keeping things in their original cardboard and plastic bag containers takes up so much space in the pantry, making a mess if things are not properly closed (bag of flour, I’m looking at you!) Transferring them to air-tight glass containers is a life-saver. They look more aesthetically pleasing, take up less room, and make less of a mess. Because they look so much neater, you can always take them out of the pantry and display them on the counter!

Handheld Frother

Handheld frothers are absolutely the best addition you can have in your kitchen. To add some milky foam to your coffee or even stir up your protein shack, frothers are awesome. Especially for the latte enthusiasts, frothing your milk changes the entire taste of your coffee.

Conclusion – Kitchen Must-Haves You Don’t Realize You Need Until You Really Need Them

Curating a collection of neat gadgets and tools for your kitchen will actually come in handy when you least expect it. Especially when you find different, creative uses for these tools. Now that you’ve read all about these kitchen must-haves, what is your kitchen missing?