Playhouse plans Clara


We sold Clara shed plans not long time ago and I recieved some photos from our diy builder. It is pretty good feeling to see some object, which you designed. Clara is a garden shed, or playhouse. It depends on the type of user. I’m planning to add some other product categories like a “playhouses plans”, “beach cabin plans” or “log cabin plans”. I regret that I have only 24 hours a day. I would like to buy some hours to make bigger portfolio of pinuphouses. Playhouses are specific category. Playhouses are real tiny houses with cozy atmosphere. It is the reason why the playhouses are so popular among our children. And children are the most demanding customers! Shed Clara is rather playhouse, but it is still in the shed category. I plan to expand may portfolio at least 50 cabin/ tiny-houses/ shed/ cottage plans. It is really hard work, but it makes me happy. I wanna share with you some photos of the shed/ playhouse Clara.



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