1 Bedroom House Plans

Here is one of our key products: one bedroom house plans. These house designs combine craftsman-created house plans with energetically efficient projects which prevent heat loss and the accumulation of humidity while keeping you energy-efficient at a low cost. Build your own one bedroom house that fits your needs and ideals with our low-cost house plans.

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One Bedroom House Plans

One of our main products is one bedroom house plans. These tiny houses will mostly appeal to fans of minimalistic designs. If you are looking for comfortable sustainable living and are interested in economic solutions, one bedroom house plans are exactly for you. Why? One bedroom house plans are designed to save space on your plot but the inside provides bedroom solutions to combine a workspace, living room and kitchen so you will have enough space for everything. Try Sheena, for example, a contemporary small house plan with one bedroom, which combines workspace with a bedroom and kitchen. This produces a unique, multi-use room in a creative way.