Small Cottage Plans with Loft

Our small cottage plans with loft are very practical and adorable designs. They can become a lovely place for your vacations or even permanent residence. The sleeping loft leaves more space on the ground floor for the main house core and provides cozy private sleeping corner for your well deserved rest. Our cottage plans and other tiny house blueprints come with a good price.

Showing 1–20 of 72 results

Showing 1–20 of 72 results

Cheap small cottage plans with loft

Would you like to have a cottage? Your own small charming wooden cottage, ideally surrounded by beautiful nature, in the woods or by the lake? You are in the right place! And we think, in such case you probably prefer to stay in your small cottage a bit longer, don’t you? A weekend or few days – to recharge, rest from your everyday worries and stress, and properly relax, seems like an ideal purpose for small wooden cottages. In that case, our small cottage plans with loft, which is accessible through the ladder and has windows to enjoy light and views, may come in very useful because it will provide a space for the deserved good night sleep and leave more place in the central space for everyday activities, be it socializing with your friends or enjoying a moment of peace by yourself. Our small cottage plans come with a good price.

Another tiny house blueprints

Did not find the design of your dreams among our small cottage plans with a loft? Please do not give up; we also have tiny houses with loft, cabins with loft, or even sheds.

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