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Christie – My Favorite Cottage Plan

my name is Christie and I am Joshua’s girlfriend. It’s the first time I am posting on this blog. Joshua promised me to compose a song for me a couple years ago but he didn’t. Instead of it he designed a cottage for me and named it after me as well. It is a really good feeling to have my own cottage 😀 It’s sweet from him and I hope he will build it one day for me and I will have the real cottage. Christie is an original cottage plan, which you can buy and it’s easy to build. Now I will try to describe it in more details. My favourite place is the living-room. The reason why is that there is a big sofa around the table, kitchen and fireplace in one place together. But the most advantage is the beautiful view inside. You can lie on the sofa and drink coffee while looking directly to the nature. I also like the sleeping loft, which seems to be spacious and laying there must be really comfortabe. It will be funny to get there through the hanging ladder. Next I would like to mention that I, like any other girl, cannot imagine living without bathroom – so there is a shower and a basin as well – all you need is inside.

Hope you like the Christie cabin plan as well! It’s my favourite!
Thank you, Joshua

Your Christie