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Crafting the Dream: Ron’s DIY Cabin House Build in Alberta

What made you choose the Pin-Up Houses? How did you find us?   We chose pin up houses while searching for small home plans, we knew what we were looking for and Helen immediately fit our vision for the property. I believe it was via google. Where are you building your cabin? (a type of building […]

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Building Dreams: Ember’s Journey Towards Completing the OFF-Grid Home

Welcome to the second report on the construction of the OFF-Grid home, lovingly crafted by our DIY builder, Ember. You may recall that we wrote about her daring endeavor in a previous article last year. Today, we are thrilled to present you with the continuation of her incredible journey. Ember not only builds this unique […]

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Building Off-Grid House out of 20’ Shipping Container

Laying out a foundation with concrete bricks and gravel & stone backfill First, I outlined the location of the raised foundations using a spirit level and a string. The corners must be at right angles. Subsequently, I dug holes in the places of the future foundations and filled them with stones and sand. I stacked […]

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Off-Grid Container House Gaia – Press Release & Pictures

Fully equipped Gaia container house from photos for sale in EU. Price: 27 000 Eur. For more information please contact us at Download press release + pictures of the Container House Gaia: PICTURES + PRESS RELEASE Design: Joshua Woodsman – Pin-Up Houses External Container Dimensions without roof: 6m x 2,44 mm / 20ft x 8ft Construction time: 3 months […]

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How To Plan For A More Eco-Friendly Home

By James Witts If you’re beginning the process of building your new home, you likely are already aware of how the costs are going to stack up. Creating a home is not cheap, and while you may be overwhelmed already by the total cost, you should consider planning for an eco-friendly home. While some eco-friendly […]

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Space Saving Ideas for Small Houses

The tiny space you decide to live in must be used effectively. This is achieved through smart, often multi-purpose, furniture. To provide inspiration, I have compiled a few well-known as well as less-well-known space saving ideas for small houses which are mostly quite easy to construct. Space saving tables and chairs The classic dining furniture […]

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An Interview with Dianna Greetan, a Proud Owner of one of our Sustainable Cottage Plans

We are so happy to have Dianna for this interview. Many thanks for her time, and mainly, for her positive comments! If you are considering buying one of our house plans, here are ideas from one of proud owners of our house plans, Louise, more precisely. Njoy! What made you choose pinup houses? How did […]

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Energy Efficient Small House Plans

eco friendly tiny house, composting and of off grid living

Eco-friendly micro homes The tiny house movement has become more and more popular in recent years for a few main reasons: cost efficiency, whereby you can get rid of mortgage and lower your debts; the trend of minimalistic living, and a desire to live a more simple life without the burden of unnecessary things and […]