Garden Shed Plans for Sale

Garden shed plans are the practical ones in our DIY small house plans offer. They will be useful addition to your garden, serving as a socialising space or to store your garden tools. Our garden shed plans prices are very good too.

Showing 1–16 of 25 results

Showing 1–16 of 25 results

Cheap garden shed plans for sale

Garden sheds provide a lovely addition to your house with so many potential uses. These simple timber structures providing an extra separate room can be used as pretty much anything you wish: as a study, summerhouse, reading place, meditation space, tea room, tools storage, play room or something entirely different. We have a wide range of shed designs available, you can choose from very simple ones to more complex, with shed roof or gable roof, some of them have patio, other full height glass door and windows, some of them are smaller, in other you can fill in a bed, etc. Our garden shed plans are easy to build, affordable and will be great in your home. Also our garden shed prices are very good.

Another DIY small house plans

Are you curious to explore more of our garden shed plans? Of course, have a look at our storage sheds, gazebos, sheds with loft or sheds with porch blueprints. On similar scale and prices we also have kids playhouses, that can by all means be used as a shed as well.

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