Do you make individual adjustments?

Yes, we can customize the design according to your needs. Usually, we send the adjusted plans within two weeks. The plans will be sent to you in ready-to-print PDF format via email. We will also give you CAD files to modify the design so that your local architect/engineer will be able to make further design changes if necessary. (For the needs of the building authority).

How long will it take me to receive the file with the house plans, e-book, DWG drawing, and furniture plans?

A link to download these files will be sent to you immediately after payment.

In what units are the plans drawn? What unit system is used in your architectural plans?

All plans have both measurements – imperial units (feet, inches) as well as metric units (meters, millimeters).

Is it possible to design a completely new house based on my individual requirements?

Yes, we can make completely new designs. The price is based on the scope of the project and is always individual. For more information please contact us at joshua.woodsman@gmail.com

Are there plans for electrical, water, and sewer lines?

Yes, our plans include a basic wiring diagram for water and sewer. For electrical, you will find the location of terminations such as outlets, switches, and light fixtures.

Do you have any references, construction photos, or photos of the finished homes you offer?

Yes, some of them are documented in our section “reviews“.

Does the estimated cost-to-build include everything including, for example, bathrooms and kitchen, and is it up to date?

Yes, the estimated cost to build includes all finishing works including fittings such as kitchen or bathroom. However, the actual final cost often depends on a number of factors. There is no way to predict building materials price fluctuations not only in different regions of the world but also within large countries like the US or Canada.
However, we try to make adjustments to cost-to-build numbers from time to time but only as very rough estimates.

Are the plans adapted to building standards and will they pass muster with the building authority?

Building standards vary from area to area, so we cannot guarantee that they will pass everywhere. If you find that you cannot use our plans, we offer a full refund at any time in the future. We can also work out individual modifications based on your specific requirements.

Is it possible to purchase plans and then customize them myself? For example, move a partition, change the position of windows, increase or decrease the dimensions, etc.?

Yes, it is possible. You will save money on individual modifications and what kind of building you end up with is entirely up to you.

Is it possible to contact you with technical questions during construction?

Yes, we are available throughout your construction and will be happy to support you free of charge.

Is it possible to mirror the existing plan?

Yes, we will process this change for you for a small fee.

Are the materials to build these houses available everywhere in the world?

We design the cottages with global materials that are available anywhere in the world. For example, getting plywood, OSB, boards, battens, timbers, sheet metal, asphalt sheets, concrete, etc. should not be a problem. Because of the proportions of the facades, we sometimes design slightly specific window sizes, but these windows can be easily replaced with any standard ones with slightly different sizes. The design of our buildings allows such flexibility.

Are the plans designed for extreme snow loads?

Our structures are designed to hold normal snow loads. If you will be building in areas where extreme snow conditions prevail, you will need to adjust the dimensions and rafter center distances.

Can I return the purchased goods?

Yes, we offer a lifetime warranty on purchased plans. At your request, we will give you a full refund at any time.


I would like to order the printed book. How long does it take to be delivered?

We ship books from the EU all over the world. On average, most of our customers receive them within one to three weeks. For your peace of mind, we can provide you with a tracking number upon request to check on the parcel’s shipping status.

Can I return purchased goods?

Yes, we offer a lifetime warranty on purchased books. At your request, we will give you a full refund at any time.