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I would like to leave you a glowing review. Is there a specific place you would like me to leave one? Working with you was such a refreshing experience. You communicate well, do what you say you are going to do, and deliver a quality product when you say you are going to do it. If I ever have a need for more plans you will be the one I contact first. You run a great business, provide a perfect service and make beautiful and ultra functional plans. You are truly a professional at what you do!

David Bergeron (Custom Plans)

Get the plans! You won’t regret it! 🙂 The house is an absolute joy. We have received so many compliments by so many visitors and friends. Everybody wants to see the inside and is amazed that it’s only 12×16 because inside it feels so much bigger. The view and atmosphere on the balcony make it a true vacation home. We just love it. Having a basement is a plus because it allows to have the utilities like circuit breaker and water heater outside of the living area. For the same reason — more loving area — we decided to not have built-in bookcases, a pocket door for the bathroom, and no door for the kitchen. Also no returns on the stairs gives a more airy feel. The patio doors give lots of light and one feels almost directly in the woods which is great. A neighbor lives in a yurt and has just bought a piece of land in the next town. He is considering building this house because he likes ours so much. 

My most satisfying moment is getting up every morning and looking at the finished house. It’s VERY satisfying to look at it, to know every detail was done just right, to enjoy the design, the hickory hardwood, the indirect lighting, the view from the balcony ……. It’s just a joy to have this house in our yard

Michael Pabst (Modern Cabin Plans Victoria)

We used these plans to built our Airbnb on the creek. Guest love the layout. The plans were easy to follow and provide all the necessary information to built our cabin. We are planning on building another one and we are definitely going to use a pinup house plan.

Don Walker (Fishing Cabin Plans Lillian)

Working with Josh was great to get these plans. They’re easy to follow and will definitely be building again

Adam h (Two Storey Cabin Plans Kathy)

As far as selling the plans go, very quick to respond to emails regarding slight changes and attentive to details, as well as getting final product in my hands in a short amount of time.

Plans themselves are very detailed and help picture step by step how the build will go.

I. Johnson (Small House Plans with Gable Roof Ginger)

I built the Bette cabin albeit with some modifications of the design due to personal requirements and preferences for materials other than what the plans specify. The main reason I selected the Bette design is at least 75% of the construction can be done by a single person.

My Bette cabin has increased wall/ceiling height to give sufficient headroom for people 6’2″ and taller. The original design is better suited to shorter people. Also, the front wall was built higher to provide a greater roof pitch. I eliminated the center partition wall to open up the floor plan for flexibility.

The project cost exceeded the architect’s $930 estimate by a factor of four due to the materials and finishes I substituted. However the structure can be built ‘on the cheap’ if comfort and looks aren’t important.

The plans are comprehensive and relatively easy to follow if one has some basic carpentry knowledge and ability to read plans. The architect provides excellent support when needed.

Paul McFeaters (Simple Small Cabin Plans Bettie)

This small cabin plan is designed to attract attention. At $21,200 estimated construction cost for ~400 sq. ft. of livable space, it s not bad Return On Investment. You also can t deny that the whole thing looks like one-half of an actual A-frame small house that was sawed in two.

Fantasys (A-Frame Tiny House Alexis)

Awesome work man, I don’t know if you’re alone with the website, but the concept of selling plans is great for us, theres a lot to learn and it allowed us to get this project going!

Thanks a lot 🙂 

Trefle M. (Beach Cottage Plans Marlene)

I just received the books and I’m impressed, the 2nd one, How to build a tiny house is really detailed I like it.

Thomas S. (How to build a tiny house)

Forgot to mention another interesting technical point of the lake water cabin. Last winter the water around and under the cabin only froze a month later and the ice was very thin for the rest of the winter. The metal well casing pillars embedded in the bottom mud absorb soil heat and conduct it to the still water around the cabin, keeping it above or around 0 Celcius for a long time. There are 16 pillars, 12 for the cabin and 3 for the large protruding over the water veranda. This prevents massive ice movements from damaging the structure when heavy wet snow loading occurs. Pretty cool, it took a few weeks to understand the physical principle at work. We are not engineers! Lol. Once again thank you for inspiring us all with your designs and publications. I’m having fun with this project although quite challenging. 

Ben from Canada:) (Fishing Cabin Plans Lillian)

To anyone, especially people of my age and people with no building experience, if you are up to it, then buy a plan of your choice and just enjoy the process. The plans are easy to follow. However, take time studying all the documents, draw your own little diagrams of how you understand certain aspects and how you visualise the process as well as the completed steps. If you are going to build solo, just make sure you have all the necessary tools, machinery and equipment AND lots of clamps!

Andrew Herman (Japanese Tea House Plans)

Joshua’s plans and book gave me a great foundation in building my cabin. I really appreciated his clear explanations and the straightforward approach to a process that many people are afraid to take on. I highly recommend his materials! 

J. Rowe (Country Cabin Plans Cloe)

Fabulous plans very east to follow.  Very happy I enlarged a kiddies shed by 25%. Made a few minor changes which the comprehensive plans made easy to do, my wife wanted a quirky shed, and she got it. Thanks Joshua!

Frank Brady (Crooked Playhouse Plans)

I built the cottage 3 years ago and I am very happy with how it turned out, especially since I built it on my own.
The total cost was about 15,000 euros, but also including cellulose insulation, the whole interior, the connection to the water network, the pool for wastewater, the 4 photovoltaic panels, the instant hot water … It really was worth the project!

Dan Baban (A-Frame Tiny House Plans Alexis)

Joshua and Pin-up Houses were a critical resource for me while building my small cabin. The plan was a great starting point and Pin-up Houses went above and beyond by assisting me in making modifications to the plans to fit my specific needs.

Jesse Amundsen (Modern House Plans Sandra)

As I progress in my tiny house project, the water cabin, I keep refering to your book and plans for valuable information and the invaluable know how I lack not being a tradesman! Your work enables anybody to experiment the pleasure of building. 

Thanks you Ben

Benoit Richard (Fishing Cabin Plans Lillian)