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Small House Framing Connectors

Small house framing connectors, examples of metal fasteners on timber roof frame

Small house timber connectors A highly important item when it comes to DIY house plans construction are the small house framing connectors: components that attach different elements of the house to each other. They need to be effective in order to provide a proper structural support and stability and their strength and stiffness become crucial […]

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Simple Wall Framing

simple wall frame with no insulation

Basic wall frames structures with no thermal insulation Material: Battens 1″2″/ 25 x 50 mm Boards 3/4″ x 4 1/2″/ 20 x 11 5mm Lumbers 2″ x 4″/ 50 x 100 mm There are many types of walls and simple wall framing structures. One of them, probably the simplest type is the basic type of […]

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Small House Wall Frame Construction

timber framework wall construction

Assembling walls For assembly of the walls of wooden tiny house construction, the two by four type structural timber is usually used, especially for the one-storey buildings where walls do not need to support the load of levels above. The principle of building these wood frame structures is very quick. Thanks to the favorable weights of the […]

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Small House – Wall Framing Components

wood cabin wall framing pinup houses

Types of walls Walls define the interior space of the house and together with the ceiling and floor constitute our “third skin” next to our clothes. It is very important how we treat this layer, particularly if we live in a cooler part of the Earth where more than half of our life is spent in […]