Kids Playhouse

Apart from small houses, our product portfolio includes kids playhouse plans of good prices as well! Our children playhouses for sale have very colorful and playful design, they will certainly make your children happy. The wooden playhouse plans you can order from us are also cheap and easy to build.

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Showing all 11 results

How about your own playhouse? We have kids’ playhouse blueprints for you!

Did you have a children’s playhouse when you were little? At least we think every child would love one and deserves to have one. Would you like to find safe, nice looking, and cheap playhouses for your kids? How about the idea of building it yourself? Because we have DIY wooden playhouse plans for that!

Benefits of a wooden playhouse

Children’s playhouse is a joyful place, full of wonder and happy children. It is a great toy with so many advantages. Kids love the idea of having their “own little house.” Kids playhouse plans and playhouses provide so many possibilities of how to play in and around them, they can accommodate all your children and their friends, they never cease to entertain them, they can serve as a storage space for all the toys, they can be placed under a shed roof, or they can serve as an outdoor playhouse, in which case it will lead the children to spend more time on fresh air, etc.

Video presentation of one of our experimental prefab house: Built with three people in less than three hours!

Our kid’s playhouse plans and designs

With us, you have a chance to create your own beautiful and cheap wooden playhouse. Among our builder plans, we provide playhouse blueprints with very detailed instructions, floor plans, illustrations, photographs, and measurements both in metric and imperial systems. The wooden playhouse plans are presented to be easily comprehensible so that anyone can build a playhouse for kids following them. But that is not to stop you from being creative. On the contrary, we always encourage adjustments and own ideas regarding the design, with our kid’s playhouse blueprints serving as an inspiration rather than an exact manual. We have two different DIY kids’ playhouse plans on offer. Their designs have been developed to be original, safe, and well-suited for playing and will make a lovely addition to your garden or backyard. And the playhouse prices are also excellent.

Other options how to use our wooden playhouse plans for sale

Usage of our kid’s playhouse plans is not limited to serve only for the little ones. Adults can also use them as a space for occasional hanging out, relaxing spots, a private study, storage shed, or pretty much any purpose you could think of for this small wooden house. There is a big advantage of cheap cost, easy to build house plans and fast construction in all cases. Apart from the playhouse blueprints and playhouses for children, we also offer building plans for wooden playhouse furniture or other types of timber structures such as cabins, cottages, sheds, or tiny houses. We have had a long-term experience with small houses and modular homes design because we are intrigued by the philosophy of minimalistic living and the tiny house movement.

Video presentation of one of our houses: Built in less than a month!

How to build a tiny house

Does this all sound very tempting? We certainly hope so! But at the same time, we realize some people may not feel very confident when it comes to knowledge about building a playhouse and purchasing kids’ playhouse plans. We have a solution for that too! Our new recently published step by step guide How to build a tiny house. You will find useful in-depth information, detailed instructions, illustrations, and photographs on all parts of the DIY construction process: foundations, floor, walls, roof. It would definitely make a great helper with your wooden playhouse plans, and it is available to order in a print version or as an electronic book right here.

Still not sure how these playhouse blueprints and small house plans look when they are actually built? Check out the blog on our website.

Video presentation of one of our houses: Built in less than a month!