DIY Shed Plans

We offer a range of various shed designs, sizes and styles among our builder plans. So if you need a tool shed, garden shed, a small shed to use as a study or for any other purpose, you can find it among DIY shed plans. They are provided as easy to build and cheap shed blueprints with detailed building instructions.

Showing 1–20 of 51 results

Showing 1–20 of 51 results

Build your own shed! We have DIY shed plans for you.

We dare say, what would gardeners be without storage sheds? What do you think? Seriously, every garden needs a place for all the tools and equipment needed to maintain it. Haven’t you always felt tempted actually to build your own tool shed? With our shed designs, you can!

Video presentation of one of our experimental prefab house: Built with three people in less than three hours!

Our garden shed designs and small house plans

We are architects inspired by the tiny house movement and its philosophy. The ideals of downsizing the space we inhabit to achieve a minimalistic and simple living have always been close. Therefore, we specialize in designing micro homes plans. Tiny houses, cottages, or cabins, and playhouses or DIY shed plans, where we can fulfill our love for simple, space-effective, and practical solutions. Ideal properties of wooden shed blueprints, don’t you agree?

Pin-up Houses DIY shed blueprints for sale.

Among our builder plans, we have developed a wide range of shed designs, which we offer in DIY plans. If you purchase them, you will receive detailed shed blueprints and building instructions, from the foundations to the roof, with precise measurements in both metric and imperial systems and a full list of materials required for the shed. Our garden sheds, storage sheds, and gazebo plans are created to make the construction process comprehensive and easy to build for anyone. The lean-to shed plans are straightforward, narrow but spacious, very practical, and possible to attach to any building or wall.

The DIY shed plans come in various sizes and shapes, few of them even with a little porch. They have a beautiful natural appearance to fit perfectly into your garden or backyard. As are the advantages of all types of small house plans, our outdoor sheds are also designed to be simple, durable, low-cost, and to work effectively with space. If you are creative, mind yourself, our plans can serve as the sole inspiration for your own garden sheds designs.

Video presentation of one of our houses: Built in less than a month!

Another possible usage of our shed designs

Apart from being a space to keep your garden equipment and tools safe and dry under the roof, there are several other possibilities for using our timber structures and DIY shed plans. You can create a kid’s play area, a detached study, an additional storage space, a tiny studio, or a little secret relaxing spot. No matter what purpose our shed plans for sale will have in your life, they will always be a lovely addition to your home. Also, the shed plan prices are very friendly.

How to build a tiny house

Does this all sound very promising and great, but you still have your doubts about not being certain how to build a shed and if you are brave enough to buy the shed blueprints? We can help here as well with our newest book, How to build a tiny house. This step by step guide with illustration and photographs provides useful information and in-depth instructions regarding every area of timber frame construction and its foundations, walls, roof, and floor. You can order it anytime on our website, in a print version, or as an ebook.

Curious what our shed floor plans look like when they are built? Check out our blog, and you will see.

Video presentation of one of our houses: Built in less than a month!