Piling, Elevated, Stilt and Pier Small House Plans

Piling, elevated, stilt and pier small house plans are tiny home floor plans standing on pillars with the ground floor elevated. That makes them suitable for sloping or unlevelled sites and also create a chance to include very nice front porch, as majority of them has. They vary in designs and sizes, all of them are beautiful and easy to build. The price of our small house plans is always affordable.

Showing 1–20 of 24 results

Showing 1–20 of 24 results

Cheap piling, elevated, stilt, and pier small house plans

We provide various types of small house cabin plans and other builder plans for sale, which are cheap and easy to build, and one of them is piling, elevated, stilt, and pier small house plans. These lovely and simple timber structures stand on pillars and have their ground floor elevated. They come in various sizes and shapes, with gable, flat roof or shed roof and with front porch, because the post foundation creates a great space for an elevated patio, which allows amazing views over your surroundings. The houses on piers are also, besides others, well suitable for locations with the sloped site or waterlogged soil.

Another tiny home floor plans

Are houses on pillars not exactly what you’re looking for? Well, we have more types of tiny home floor plans, browse through our tiny houses with loft or tiny house with porch. Or something slightly different, maybe our wooden cabins or cottage homes.

Please have a look at our entire selection of DIY tiny home floor plans. Our small house plans prices are very friendly.