2 Bedroom House Plans

Two bedroom house plans are one of the most wanted variants among our building designs. Pick one of our small homes and build your own dream two bedroom house. We made sure that all our architectural plans are low-cost, efficient and eco-friendly so that you can not only enjoy your living space but also save money. Our two bedroom house plans are designed for comfort and energy-efficiency yet with efficient use of storage areas, rooms are very spacious.

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Two Bedroom House Plans

Two bedroom house plans are designed especially for needs of smaller families, couples and individuals with need of more space. Whether as a studio for an artist, a weekend house for a family, or simply a sustainable home for a couple, our double bedroom home plans range from traditional to modern designs. From minimalist tiny houses to a more classic style home with a gable roof, much like our other floor plans for sheds or cabins, our two bedroom houses are designed to promote energy saving. Our house designs are energy efficient, preventing heat loss and the accumulation of excessive humidity, which altogether provides a perfect combination for sustainable living.