Small House Building Books

Apart from tiny house plans, we also offer small house building books.

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Showing all 3 results

Small house building books

Most importantly, our newest construction book guide How to build a tiny house. This step-by-step guide will lead you through every part of DIY timber construction and provide detailed information and instructions written in a way to be comprehensible to anyone. Many photographs, diagrams, and illustrations are included to help you understand the entire process, from foundation to roof. The How to build a tiny house building guide is available to you in both print version and as an ebook.

 Our unique small house designs are presented with colorful images, illustrations, and rendered visualizations of both the interior and exterior of each tiny house or cabin.

More to come! We have many plans for the future, and one of them is to widen here presented selection of small house building books with new ones with our small house plans. Divided into individual categories, you will have a chance to order and receive a printed version of several Pin-Up cabin plans, tiny house or shed designs. They will be presented in the same form as when you order individual plans online: construction drawings with instructions, illustrations, all dimensions, and a list of necessary tools to guide you through the building process and result in your own small timber structure.