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“The cabin was constructed primarily of recycled materials leftover from other jobs,” John says

Where are you building your cabin? The property is a vineyard located in upstate Pennsylvania ( on the New York Border.  (Milanville, PA)  The Tiny House Virginia was built on a slope behind a pond on the property looking down onto a stream and a beaver dam.  Do you have a special tool for removing nails or […]

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“The most challenging thing was to conceive the water foundations! The rest was just work.” Richard says

One of our DIY builders bought our Cabin Plans Set Book, choose Marlene, and started to build in the wild. This building is special mainly because it is built on foundations in water. He was so willing that he shared with us his rich experience from construction. How difficult was it for you to create […]

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Forest Cabin Marlene under the Construction – interview with a skilled DIY builder

Where are you building your Cabin Marlene? (a type of building site- sloping/forest/meadow, not address, just country if you want)In the forest! We had to chop down trees, Make firewood out of them. It was on top of a mountain on my dad’s land. It was the land of our grandparents who used to have all […]

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“I’m not building a piano!” – Interview with Builder Jim

Jim, you have chosen Gazebo Plans Clara from our Pin-Up Houses Family. How did you find the website with our plans? I have been looking at different plans for gazebos and teahouses but most of what was available looked like it was for larger projects.  This plan came up through Pinterest and Google searches and […]

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Elisabeth Cabin made it to Argentina, thanks to her proud owner Marc!

On the blog, you might have seen the plans of an amazing Elisabeth, the small modern weekend cabin. Well, she has been growing up far in Argentina under Marc’s hands. An Unbelievable dream coming true! Marc was so kind and shared some of his comments from his own experience with us. It’s a quick read, […]

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Small A-Frame House in Romanian Carpathia – Part 1

How to Build an A-Frame Small House Dan Baban bought floor plans for Alexis, a small wooden A-frame house, from the website Thanks to the detailed documentation of the process made by Dan, you can now see what it takes to build your own tiny wooden house. Since we have a substantial number of […]

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An Interview with Dianna Greetan, a Proud Owner of one of our Sustainable Cottage Plans

We are so happy to have Dianna for this interview. Many thanks for her time, and mainly, for her positive comments! If you are considering buying one of our house plans, here are ideas from one of proud owners of our house plans, Louise, more precisely. Njoy! What made you choose pinup houses? How did […]

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Small House Framing Connectors

Small house framing connectors, examples of metal fasteners on timber roof frame

Small house timber connectors A highly important item when it comes to DIY house plans construction are the small house framing connectors: components that attach different elements of the house to each other. They need to be effective in order to provide a proper structural support and stability and their strength and stiffness become crucial […]

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Concrete Foundation Footings

country cottages Christie

Materials for concrete foundation Concrete (binder/sand/gravel/water) or complex dry concrete mix Boards / planks Anchor bolts Metal fasteners – basic Concrete foundation footings method Cast in situ concrete foundation footings are a type of concrete foundation suitable for example for low-cost, simple single-storey small houses made of wood. For these, the dimensions would be about 14” x […]

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Pillar in Concrete Foundation

wooden cabin Candy

Materials for timber foundation Concrete (binder/sand/gravel/water) or complex dry concrete mix Rocks Timber – 2“x2“ / 100×100 mm or round timber pieces Basic metal fasteners Pillar in concrete foundation method The Pillar in the concrete method of wooden foundations is recommended especially for buildings with their first floor elevated, located in areas with waterlogged soil, or […]

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How to Set Out Small House Foundation

tiny house foundations measurements

Once you have selected your location, studied the design plans of your project, gathered your material, the building process can begin and with it its first step, foundation construction. There are several factors determining what types of foundation is best suitable for your project. However no matter which one you end up constructing, the crucial […]