Cabin Plans with Loft

Cabin plans with loft are popular and very useful cabin designs. Having a loft means more space is left on the main floor of your cabin and you gain a very cozy private sleeping corner for a good night sleep. Or you can choose to use the additional space in loft for other purposes, our simple house plans are here to fulfil any wishes and preferences you have. The cabin plans prices are very affordable.

Showing 1–20 of 69 results

Showing 1–20 of 69 results

Cheap cabin plans with loft

Would you like to use your dreamed small cabin as a getaway space to escape your everyday life? Do you prefer to relax all alone, far away from anything and anyone? Or do you rather bring a couple of friends or family to your vacation cabin and enjoy the time with them? No matter what your personal preferences are, having a cabin with a loft will always be handy! If you want to stay overnight at your wood cabin, the loft is an ideal space for a bed – you will get the so deserved proper sleep, but it will not take up from the main floor area, so you will still have plenty of space to enjoy your daytime activities. Or you can use it for any other purpose you wish, such as space for socializing, reading, relaxing, etc. Our cabin plans with loft for sale include several cabins with a loft accessible by ladder and providing a great view outside. The cabin plans prices are very friendly.

Another simple house plans

That’s not it; apart from cabin plans with loft, our offer includes other builder plans, such as cabins with porch/, cottages with porch, tiny houses with porch, or sheds with a porch.

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