Small Cottage Floor Plans

Among our small cottage floor plans and builder plans you will find cottage designs of all kind. They are very charming small wooden cottages with traditional rustic look creating a cozy atmosphere. Our small cottage plans are also cheap and easy to build, so just browse through our cottage designs and find the one for you.

Showing 1–16 of 89 results

Showing 1–16 of 89 results

Would you like to build a cottage? Use our small cottage floor plans!

Do you dream of a perfect cottage? Cozy, wooden cottage with view over trees, porch where you can observe the sky covered with stars at night? Small cottage that has everything you need? And are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? Then our easy to build small cottage floor plans for sale are the right way to go for you!

Presentation of one of our experimental prefab tiny house: Built with three people in less than three hours!

Our small house designs and cottage blueprints for sale

When you order our DIY small cottage floor plans, you will receive detailed cottage blueprints via email with step by step instructions, full list of material and precise measurements in both metric and imperial systems. Therefore you do not need any special building skills. Once you get the materials, you are ready to go and construct what can become a perfect relaxing environment for you. Our cottage designs and small cottage plans are of the best-quality, creating cottage homes that benefit from solid construction from foundations to roof, as well as being cozy and comfortable. The cottage house plans vary in shapes and sizes, from smaller one-storey ones to those with additional rooms, lofts or entire floors. They include kitchen facilities and some of them also stove or a porch. Although if you have an exact vision of your DIY cottage and none of our holiday small cottage plans for sale cover that exactly, buy the most similar small cottage floor plans and use it as an inspiration. You are always welcome to adjust the shapes or dimensions to your preferences as much as you wish!

We are inspirited by the tiny house movement and specialize in all types of micro houses and tiny homes, so there are also builder plans and small house plans for tiny houses, cabins, sheds or playhouses among our offer.

Video presentation of one of our houses: Built in less than a month!

Why are cottage house plans great

Small wooden cottages are a great place to relax, forget the worries of everyday life and escape from the business and craziness of a city. They can be built in the most picturesque calm locations such as in the woods, on lakeside and other restful scenery, where you will feel re-connected with the nature and the environment. Our small cottage house plans can lead to a perfect vacation spot, beach house, wooden cottage or a place for weekend getaways. You can enjoy the peace and quiet just by yourself, with your partner, friends or entire family. Especially cottages with porch are among the most popular small cottage plans and other small house designs we offer.

Advantages of wooden cottages, cottage blueprints and other small house plans are numerous. They are cost effective, as they are cheap to construct, require smaller land and the maintenance is also significantly less expansive. Their construction is fast due to smaller dimensions and comprehensive building instructions. They have positive impact on the environment, because our designs provide the best quality and energy efficiency. We must not forget the positive effect on you giving you a chance for eco friendly and simple living. And also our cottage plans prices are very friendly.

How to build a tiny house

This all sounds dreamy, almost too good to be true, but you are still not sure about how to build a cottage and maybe do not feel like starting with cottage blueprints already? Well we have a book that will help you! Our new How to build a tiny house step by step guide covers all the essential parts of DIY plans and construction about foundations, floor, walls and roof, provides detailed manuals, illustrations and photographs documenting every process. It is available to order in print version or as an electronic book here.
Would you like to see some results based on our cottage house plans? Check out the blog on our website.

Video presentation of one of our houses: Built in less than a month!