Six reasons why you should build tiny house

1. Moderate price

It’s very easy to build your own tiny house. You need just a few bucks for the material and good tiny houses cabin plans. A lot of material and tools will find at home.

2. Ecologist lifestyle

Average house produces 10 tons of pollutions every year. Modern materials are made form no-ecologist raw materials like oil, or different chemicals

3. Out of the system

You don’t need some building permission for such a small house. You don’t need get some approval from building authority. You become more free and independent builder.

4. Woodworking experiences

Contemporary generation of facebook, computer games and other on-line activities has less experiences with hand-made working. Let’s set it right!

5. Possibility to escape closer to the nature

Are you tired form daily confrontation with the city? You need relax and few days in your cabin is the best solution. Be closer to the nature.

6. It’s fun

Last reason is maybe the most important ever. Building your small house is just a fun and it shouldn’t be duty. Like our life. Be happy and make some fun.