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Tiny Houses Future

Human population is still growing and we have to search for smart and accessible solutions. Project Pin-Up Houses are not revolutionary and do not offer special products or new technologies. Pin-up Houses project brings just another perspective on the minimalist housing. My target is to move the knowledge just a little bit ahead. Knowledge about living on a small piece of the land. Living in the tiny house is about finding things, which you don’t need and get them off. I see big empty houses, which needed so much electricity that it was absolutely impossible to live there. There will be a lot of houses like that in a close future. Modern west population is too spoiled and degenerated and I am afraid of this fact because I am part of it. It’s not easy to be modest but I think that this word is not the exactly right1 expression, to use. The word useful is better. I want to be useful in my life and the biggest honor for me is to see how somebody lives in the house, which I design. I give energy to Pin-Up Houses designs every day and I hope that somebody will value it really soon.

Enjoy your Wednesday!