Pentagon Cabin Plans Ann

$190.00 $139.00

Pentagon cabin plans with the construction process

  • complete set of cabin plans + CAD set
  • construction progress + comments
  • complete material list + tool list
  • eBook How to build a tiny house included
  • DIY building cost $7,200
  • You can find a printed version of cottage Ann plans  together with 8 other designs in our new book Cabin Plans.

house-sample-plansFREE sample plans
of one of our design

Tiny cabin plans Ann

DIY cabin Ann is 329 sq. ft. (30,5 m2) small 1 bedroom wooden cabin with gable roof and walls tilted slightly towards outside. Its 18′-7″ x 9′-7″ (5,3 x 2,9 m) ground floor space provides access to the 164 sq. ft. (15,2 m2) sleeping loft as well as the 43 sq. ft. (4 m2) front porch.

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What will you get

Timber construction step by step guide


Pentagon cabin construction plans

Complete set of pentagon cabin plans (pdf): layouts, details, sections, elevations, material variants, windows, doors


eBook How to Build a Tiny House Included

  • Over 1000 illustrations
  • 276 pages

Complete material list + tool list:

Complete set of material list + tool list. Very detailed description of everything you need to build your pentagon cabin.


Cabin plans with loft

Pentagon cabin plans Ann are building plans for one of our sweet little wooden house perfect for the occasional vacation, a weekend spent in peace and quiet in some beautiful countryside or fun moments with your friends or family. The most striking feature of Ann are the walls slightly tilted towards outside, which makes the interior space feel bigger and especially the loft can benefit from more floor area because of that. It is accessible through a little wooden staircase and is quite spacious to provide a very comfortable sleeping space or private relaxing corner. No need to worry about light in the loft either, as there are two gable end windows and another two skylights, so you can also enjoy the view of the sky. On the ground floor you can enjoy the views together with fresh air and sunshine on the front porch, a very pleasant addition to space, just put some chair or armchair and take a cup of coffee. From the porch, you can continue inside into the main central area, which can serve for your everyday activities, socializing, relaxing, having a meal or anything else you can possibly think of. Cabin plans with loft Ann have basically all you need.

Construction PDF plans

Tiny cabin plans Ann is named after famous Pin-up girl Anne Gwynne and is a popular one from our cabin plans with loft. It is a simple structure with a basic timber framework, floor made of wooden floor joists, walls completed with OSB boards and cladded with wooden planks, used as well for the roof, which is covered with metal sheeting. The construction can stand for example on concrete foundation slab, its walls are tilted towards the outside and it has a traditional gable roof with space for a sleeping loft. That is easily accessible through small wooden stairs leading from the main floor and the interior is lit through windows on all four sides of the cabin as well as in the loft area. As we already said, Ann is a cute little house that could make you very happy! You could also browse through our other tiny cabin plans. You may be also interested in tiny houses with loft and cottages with porch. Or maybe you are curious to see our entire offer of various small house plans.

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total floor area

329 sq. ft. (30,5 m2)

1st. floor

122 sq. ft. (11,3 m2)


164 sq. ft. (15,2 m2)


43 sq. ft. (4 m2)


18'-7" x 9'-7" (5,3 m x 2,9 m)

DIY Building cost



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4 months 14 days ago

Trying to figure out the cost of actually building this cabin so wondering what the dimensions of the window is

4 months 6 days ago

The main entrance door/french window is 82″ x 70″

Jorge Dias
2 years 4 months ago

I live in Portugal.
Me question is: Do you supply the planos in an editable form in order to permite a translation / adaptation for local requirements from authorities?

2 years 3 months ago

I´m sorry, but I´m not experienced with portugal building authorities. But our plans are in EU standards..

Greg Yurash
2 years 5 months ago

I love this Ann design, but I need it re-sized for a 12’x14′ footprint. Can I pay you to do this for me?

2 years 5 months ago

of course, please contact me via email for further info.
Thank you

Starr Peri
4 years 6 months ago

Do these cabins have outlets for electronic devices? Also are there instructions for solar panels included if you purchase the plan?

4 years 6 months ago

Not, just building construction, material, etc.