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3 Reasons Why You Should Add a Wallpaper Mural to Your Tiny House


Chained inside your house of glass? Surrounded by mundane monotonous walls that are towering over your head? The dull drab white interior? Sure you must be bored. Well that is understandable. Walls are probably more important than floors when it comes to the overall design aesthetic as our eyes are mostly focused on the architecture of walls. We don’t walk with our eyes staring at the floor. We are surrounded by walls all of the time. To stare at lifeless structures constantly would be such a shame. Want to escape the boredom of redundancy? How about some vibrant murals for your wall? With time, mural wallpapers will continue to increase in popularity. They have the capacity to completely transform the atmosphere of your space and get it up to date with present day trends. Mural wallpapers come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your taste. Think of wallpaper murals as a removable wallpaper that is easy and simple to manage and alter. 2023 is upon us. Don’t you think the new year ought to bring a fresh change to brighten up your surroundings? In this article I will give you three reasons why you must consider opting for a mural wallpaper to dress your beautiful cozy house.

Surprise surprise! Installing wallpaper murals is more simple than you think

When using ordinary wallpaper, you have to consider whether the design matches exactly with your color scheme. Are you someone who prefers vibrant colors or subtle undertones? Some prefer a typical recurring pattern while others opt for a more abstract form of art. You won’t need to worry about it with wallpaper murals. Wallpaper murals are actually sold in rigid panels as opposed to the rolls that standard wallpaper is supplied in. Thus, it is clear exactly which portion of the image should go where.

Wallpaper murals represent true artistic values

Using these wall décor items as works of art is one of the biggest trends with wall murals. You can utilise wallpaper murals in unexpected ways, such as combining them with another wallpaper, because they contain large-scale graphics. Consider your empty walls as a blank slate and let your ideas soar! Sky is the limit! Let your imagination take you to uncharted corridors. The whole point of opting for a wallpaper mural is to add creativity into your life. They breathe a new life into the stale air that you breathe in your house.

Feature Walls are the new cool thing

Feature walls are when one wall in the room has a distinctive feature, like wallpaper with a medium-to-large scale design. A prominent wall covered in a wallpaper mural gives the space an incredibly gorgeous appearance. It creates a dramatic and transformational look by drawing the visitor’s attention to that particular area of the space. The stress of selecting wallpaper that “has” to fit the entire room when utilized on all the walls is removed when a feature wall is created.


The significance of adding color to your life cannot be overemphasized enough. As you already know, our perception of beauty is all that matters. And if we are at crossroads with how our life is turning out to be, we can always alter our surroundings to give us new inspiration and increased motivation!