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Elisabeth Cabin made it to Argentina, thanks to her proud owner Marc!

On the blog, you might have seen the plans of an amazing Elisabeth, the small modern weekend cabin. Well, she has been growing up far in Argentina under Marc’s hands. An Unbelievable dream coming true! Marc was so kind and shared some of his comments from his own experience with us. It’s a quick read, […]

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How to Build an A-Frame Small House – Part 2

As mentioned in the previous article, Dan Baban was progressing with building the little wooden A-frame house in the lovely area in Romania. He was proceeding according to the set of plans Alexis. In the next episode, we’d like to proudly present how Dan has moved on with the construction and the technical equipment of […]

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Magenta Tiny House – Press Release & Pictures

Download press release + pictures of the Magenta tiny house project: PICTURES + PRESS RELEASE Design: Joshua Woodsman External Dimensions: / 11ft 2 “x 6ft 2” / 3410 x 1870 mm Height with trailer: 10ft 10 ” / 3300 mm Construction time: 3 months Price of material + work: 11 000 USD Material: waterproof plywood, […]

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How To Plan For A More Eco-Friendly Home

By James Witts If you’re beginning the process of building your new home, you likely are already aware of how the costs are going to stack up. Creating a home is not cheap, and while you may be overwhelmed already by the total cost, you should consider planning for an eco-friendly home. While some eco-friendly […]

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Small A-Frame House in Romanian Carpathia – Part 1

How to Build an A-Frame Small House Dan Baban bought floor plans for Alexis, a small wooden A-frame house, from the website Thanks to the detailed documentation of the process made by Dan, you can now see what it takes to build your own tiny wooden house. Since we have a substantial number of […]

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A Few Good Reasons to Build and Live in a Small House

Ok. So you found our web. You may have come across some of our house plans. You picked your favourite, perhaps it was Billie, or Bernie or Lisa, our newer projects. But there is something uncommon about them, and it’s not just the design or that they are made of wood. It’s their size! They […]

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New Pin-Up Small House in the Mountains!

In beautiful Oregon countryside overlooking Mount Hood grew up a small cozy house from our offer. It´s builder had originally ordered the plans for the construction of the Shenna cottage, but he had adjusted it to his image, and that’s how this building was actually created. It is actually the Sheena small house, but the […]

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Space Saving Ideas for Small Houses

The tiny space you decide to live in must be used effectively. This is achieved through smart, often multi-purpose, furniture. To provide inspiration, I have compiled a few well-known as well as less-well-known space saving ideas for small houses which are mostly quite easy to construct. Space saving tables and chairs The classic dining furniture […]

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Wall Bracing Methods

Bracing works to maintain rigidity of the structure in all points, prevent any displacements or other ways of deformation. Diagonal tension rods and blocking of various materials are used to secure the structures. They might be exposed in the interior or hidden behind the remaining structural parts. Perforated steel rods, steel ropes, various wooden parts […]