Simple Small Cabin Plans Bettie

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Cabin plans with construction process

  • complete set of plans
  • construction process + comments
  • complete material list + tool list
  • DIY building cost $930
  • You can find a printed version of cottage Bettie plans  together with 8 other designs in our new book Cabin Plans.

house-sample-plansFREE sample plans
of one of our design

Small cabin plans Bettie

Bettie is a 14′-5″ x 8′-8″ (4,1 x 2,2 m) 1 bedroom wooden cabin with front porch of 14′-5″ x 4′-2″ (4,1 x 1,2 m) size. It is slightly elevated timber structure, 121 sq. ft. (11,2 m2) two room cabin with 53 sq. ft. (4,9 m2)  covered front porch.

What will you get

Timber construction step by step guide


Simple small cabin plans

Complete set of simple small cabin plans (pdf): layouts, details, sections, elevations, material variants, windows, doors


Complete material list + tool list

Complete set of material list + tool list. Very detailed description of everything you need to build your small cabin.


Small cabin floor plans

Bettie, named after famous pin-up girl Bettie Page and inspired by typical Canadian cabins, is among our most popular small cabin plans and tiny house designs. It is lovely one storey small house, which stands on ground screw foundations and is little bit elevated. There is a front porch fully covered under its pitched roof, from which door leads into the cabin. Inside, Bettie is divided by partition wall with doors into two equally sized rooms and has windows on all four sides, including the one overlooking the front porch. This provides many possibilities regarding the interior space; one room can serve as a bedroom and the other one as social / living-room place, one of them can be your cozy secret relaxing place, while the other is where you’ll hang out with your friends or family, or any other arrangement that works best for you.

Construction PDF plans

Regarding materials, DIY cabin Bettie has a timber frame core. Walls and roof cladding, as well as floor can be made of wooden planks. Ply wood or OSB boards are also possible options to use for some of the layers and metal sheathing is advisable on top of boards covering the simple roof truss. The pitched roof overhangs on both sides of the cabin creating a little space, which can be used for example to store wood for your wood burning stove, gardening equipment, etc. You can always feel encouraged to adjust our small cabin floor plans in any way you wish or even use them as a sole inspiration for your own ideas in order to get the small cabin of your dreams.

If you are looking for a similar design but a bit larger, please continue HERE!


total floor area

121 sq. ft. (11,2 m2)

1st. floor

68 sq. ft. (6,3 m2)


53 sq. ft. (4,9 m2)


14'-5'' x 8'-8'' (4,1 m x 2.2 m)

DIY Building cost



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Cynthia Elese Van Dyke-Melchor
2 years 19 days ago

10-7-16 A Need, in PARIS, France.

2 years 11 months ago

Hi Joshua!

I just bought these plans and they look great, but I have a question. Is it possible to switch out 2×4’s with 2×6’s when I go to build this cabin? I’d like to add insulation with a higher R value and need 2×6’s to do that. Thanks!

2 years 11 months ago

Hi Patrice!
Thank you for your purchase.
No worries, It can be changed with 2×6 without any problems..

3 years 1 month ago

Hi There. Can the plans be ordered with Metric measurements on them?

3 years 1 month ago

Of course, you can!
If you buy the plan and write us, we will send you the plans in metric measurements.

3 years 6 months ago

Nice!! Do the girls come with the cabin??

3 years 5 months ago

Of course Randy! One blond, one redhead and one brunette 🙂