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New York City

Hi there!

My second post is here. I would like to tell you about our trip. We, me and Joshua, decided to visit NYC couple weeks ago. The main reason of our visit was the modern and interesting architecture of the city. I was really happy to be there, truthfully mainly because of Joshua, because it’s not easy to take him away from his work. So the main purpose was to relax from work and stereotypes of everyday life! One day we set off to long way to New York. The architecture in the city was really interesting and there were a lot of different buildings from varied materials. But even though Joshua is really keen on architecture and the buildings were huge and beautiful, it dragged us back to the tiny house living and beautiful landscape. I don’t know why. Maybe because of the simple fact that living in a smaller house is more cozy and you can spend a lot of nice days there. I don’t say that in a big city you cannot but I think the moments inside the smaller house are unforgettable. At least for me. We’re home now and thinking about our next trip. Which city would you recommend me?