My motivation and targets

Many people asked me, why I started  this project pinuphouses, what is my motivation. I worked on a similar project last year. I sold house plans of large family houses. It was great experience for me, where I discovered that getting a building permit is not an easy thing. Needed to do a lot of permits. I communicated daily with officials at offices and with clients..I started to get tired. Therefore, I decided to design these small houses, which is easier to obtain a building permit, or which does not need such permit. I started a project Pinuphouses, which I greatly enjoy.

And motivation?

My motivation is the vision that this project will be known by all people on earth one day. I want to get into small houses/cabins/sheds a little bit of beauty and modern design, I want make this part of human activity better. It is not small target, but only big dreams motivate me to get up every morning and work hard on this project. I want to prove something to the world, or at least try. I started to sell cabin plans through which man can build a house. In the future I would like to sell the whole kit homes and create world trend, social network, or new lifestyle.