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No Permission!


after I have built a few large houses I decided to design minimalist architecture because I think it will be better way for me. I had a few reasons for this change. The main reason was the need to obtain a building permit. The planning authorities have all sorts of great power over my work. Dealing with them was really boring and I was very tired of it. Every new building, which has for example more than 200 square feet of built-up areas has to have planning permission. So I started to design houses that are small and do not need this authorization. I started to enjoy it and so I found the project of Pin-Up Houses. I design tiny houses, which don’t need planning permission. Which are your building regulations? Just visit your local planning authority (LPA) and ask them. Tiny-houses plans, which I produce, are excellent for amateur builders. But if you need, you can present your project with these plans to your planning authority as well. No permission is my motto and I hope that my house plans will useful for many people around the world.