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7 Simple Ways to Make your House More Sustainable and Eco-friendly

We live in a world impacted by environmental challenges. The repercussions of environmental pollution have been felt across the globe and have not yet reached a peak. The few upshots are warning signs that call for necessary action and ecological responsibility.

Conservation efforts begin with every individual that calls this planet home. Every individual should be conscious enough about the environment and take a pragmatic approach to conservation.

You can play your part in environmental conservation by starting in your own home. There are measures that you may employ in your home to become sustainable and environmental-friendly.

Here are a few approaches that one may take towards building a sustainable and environmental-friendly home.


Recycling makes up for an effective waste management protocol and requires other measures for sustainable conservation. Thus, when disposing of your home waste, ensure that you have different categories for your disposal.

Have various bins meant for different types of waste in your home. Have a separate container for recyclable waste. Thus, you should know more about the kind of waste and whether it is recyclable. Also, make sure you place the bins in the most practical places for your household members get accustomed to using them, advises

Check whether recycling is possible for a particular product before making your purchase.


Before you can throw something away, consider whether there are other ways in which you can use it. For example, there is no need to throw away that shirt when you can use it as a rag. Reusing reduces the bulk of waste introduced into the environment.

When purchasing a new item for your home, check whether it can serve other purposes before disposal. This way, you can end up buying durable items that will save you money in the long run.

Save Water

Although about 70% of earth is covered by water, only a limited amount is safe for consumption. Some of the measures you may employ to conserve water include:

• Reusing water around your home.

• Using a quality home water filtration system to prevent water contamination.

• Taking shorter showers.

• Checking your home for leaks.

• Installing flow restrictors in your showers or taps.

• Turn off the tap while shaving or brushing your teeth.

• Using automatic washing machines and dishwashers for full loads.

• Watering your lawn when necessary

• Ensuring that all taps are closed after use.

Double glazed Windows

Double glazed windows might act as the insulators to your home. With double glazed windows, you can allow adequate room lighting and maintain the privacy of your home.

These windows allow light and heat into your home and will keep your home cool during summers and warm during winter. Thus, you will save up on the energy costs required to light your home or adjust the room temperatures.

Adapting Solar Options

You may orientate the layout of your home for maximum sunlight utilization. Take advantage of the sun to keep your home well lit and heated. Use designs that will allow your home’s natural lighting and retain heat from the sun to keep your living space warm.

Conversely, you can also install solar panels to provide the energy needed around your home. Solar panels harness heat from the sun to light up your home and also keep your home warm.

Solar energy will help you to cut down on the energy costs and minimize the impact imposed on the environment through power production.

Growing Plants around Your Home

Plants are one of the best natural filters. They reduce carbon dioxide levels from the atmosphere and help to produce more oxygen. You can play your part in environmental conservation by making your home greener.

Find out more about the plants or trees that you can plant in your home based on the climatic and soil conditions. Plants not only help in improving the air quality around your home but also improve the aesthetic appeal.

In case you’re building your new home, consult a landscape designer to help you come up with green and suitable options.

Using Energy-efficient Appliances

The appliances running in your home may be the reason behind the hefty electricity bills. You should know that it is much more than reducing your energy bills. Energy conservation around your home will impact the gross energy production.

Energy-efficient appliances will reduce the amount of power needed to light up your home, heating, and comfort. Energy-efficient home appliances aim at a sustainable and comfortable home without a negative environmental impact.

Join the Fight

The fight against environmental pollution calls for both active and passive participation. It is up to you to make a choice and conserve the environment to a sustainable living for generations to come.

You should play your part and begin with your surroundings. It’s the little effort that matters.