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A Little Piece of Heaven: Making Your Vacation Rental As Comfy As Home

The pandemic is by no means over, but its unbreakable grip on how we live our lives is slowly but surely beginning to loosen.

With the widespread proliferation of vaccines and COVID tests, we are finally free to travel and go on vacation again! It’s a break that many of us needed, as being stuck within the familiar four walls of our dwellings wore down on our mental health over the course of the year, and some change we’ve been in quarantine. Now, plans that we canceled are starting to look possible, concerts are beginning to happen again (and not get canceled months later), theme parks are open, and capacity restrictions are beginning to diminish.

Yet, Coronavirus is still a problem, and pandemic-savvy travelers are choosing to address it by choosing to stay in vacation rentals while they go on a well-deserved hiatus from their chaotic daily lives. Vacation rentals present travelers with a veritable home away from home, whether they are quaint pin-up cottages where travelers can recline in a dwelling from a storybook or sleek, modern-style apartments that look like a getaway for Tony Stark. In addition to the variety and comfort associated with vacation rentals, they also have an edge (or several, really) over common hotel rooms, providing guests with more space for their money and more security, being assured that their space will be thoroughly cleaned and that nobody random will encroach on it.

People who enter the vacation rental space do it for two reasons: to make a steady stream of passive income and to give tourists the “home away from home” experience of their dreams. Whether you’re looking to attract more eyeballs to your property listing, improve your home’s value, or just make your tenant’s experiences even better, these amenities will make your vacationers feel right at home.

High-Speed, Wireless Internet

Yes, yes, even cottage getaways surrounded by the most beautiful wildlife on the planet now have to be equipped with this commonly demanded amenity. Even if your guests choose to disconnect from their tech and enjoy a week spent away from their phones (which is unlikely, given their utility for planning trips), you’ll still need to provide your guests with an option to plug back in if you want to get eyes on your property.

High-speed internet allows guests to connect to their favorite streaming services and games at a minimum, allowing them to bring an element of comfort from home into your dwelling with ease and on-demand. High-speed internet can also be used to connect with work if necessary, plan trips, and perform any other number of vital functions: which is why for most, it’s an absolute necessity in any vacation rental dwelling.

A Fully Furnished Home

When your guests step through your property’s front door, they should feel as though they are stepping into a lived-in, easily accessible “home away from home,” stocked with all of the necessary amenities to allow them to live in the property as needed. What that means is that the kitchen, for example, should be stocked with cookware, cleaning ingredients, and even spices if you’re feeling generous: your guests shouldn’t have to make a supermarket run to purchase tools to prepare dinner with. Living rooms should be stocked with TVs and books, and feel free to decorate common areas with elements meant to make people feel relaxed, such as coffee table books, doilies, or whatever else you feel suits your home’s existing décor.

Quality Beds and Bedding

Don’t overlook one of the most important elements of any vacation: the quality of the beds and bedding. When guests come back from hitting everything on their to-do lists, they should feel as though they’re coming back to beds that will welcome them with open arms: beds that are spacious and aren’t too hard or too soft, with clean, freshly pressed sheets. Feel free to install King and Queen mattresses in each sleeping area to your discretion for maximum comfort: your guests will more than appreciate it, and be more likely to give your property a positive review if they’ve gotten a good night’s rest.

Some people get into the business of vacation rental and treat it as a get-rich-quick scheme, turning around properties as quickly as possible without sparing a thought for the guests’ comfort. That won’t be you.

Let your conscience be your guide when deciding what amenities to add, and go above and beyond for your guests, and you’ll find that you’re able to provide the kind of hospitality most chain hotels only dream of.