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Picking the Best Appliances for Your Tiny House: 6 Expert Tips

After having laid out the blueprint plans for your tiny house, you are likely going to need some appliances in the kitchen or wherever else you have room. Home appliances are a completely different type of consideration in a small scale home than in a regular house or apartment. The main issue here is space, quickly followed by cost. So, you want to be really mindful about what appliances you truly need, rather than just what you think you want.

Take some time to think through what you will absolutely need to get by comfortably in your new tiny house. It is always a wise decision to opt for tiny homes for sale offering little extra space. We’ve broken down your likely appliance needs and queries into a few different tips and pieces of advice to further take into account space and price.

In your tiny house’s kitchen, space is extremely limited, so a conventional sized oven is off the table. Depending on taste and the climate you’re in, some people are such grill and outdoor cooking fans that they manage to get by entirely by cooking outside the house. This probably isn’t going to work for most tiny house owners, so at the bare minimum, you will likely need to invest in some type or portable or small scale countertop stove.

wood stoves for tiny houses

Stove tops: electric or gas?

There are pros and cons to each of these stove top options. A lot of professional chefs prefer gas stoves for the simple reason that you can maintain greater control over exactly how much heat you are releasing with a gas stove. This is a bit trickier with electric stovetops.

tiny homes gas heaters
Gas heaters

However, electric stovetops, particularly those powered by exterior solar panels, are quite a bit safer, environmentally friendlier, and, in the long term, more cost efficient, despite a much higher initial investment. Our advice? Go the extra mile, save the planet, and get an electric stove top.

electric heaters for tiny houses
Electric heaters

Skip the wait, save the heat, and get a microwave

A microwave may not offer the gourmet options of an oven, but, if you’re short on space and have to choose between the two, take the microwave. It won’t heat up your tiny house the way an oven will (which is really not ideal in the summer months), and it’s extremely efficient in comparison.

Pick up a French press for care-free coffee needs

A French press is the best type of coffee maker you can get in a tiny house for the simple reason that you can make a full pot and never have to worry about shopping for filters again. This is a handy, lightweight, and very easy coffee maker to use. Another useable kitchen equipment is a french press coffee grinder, which allows you to prepare freshly ground coffee.

Don’t get a dual purpose refrigerators/freezer

The refrigerator is undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest appliances in your tiny house. But it doesn’t need to be enormous. The great thing about freezers is that you can put them outside, saving a ton of space. You can even get a big freezer chest knowing that you don’t need to keep it in the house.

Small House Kitchen

This will allow you to invest instead in a mini-fridge that can stay in your small-scale kitchen for fresh items and drinks. General Electric offers the best range of high quality small scale refrigerators ideal for tiny house customizations. Even if you’re not the DIY type, there are a number of good online resources you can check for brand name refrigerator parts that won’t put a serious dent in your tiny house appliances budget.

Consider a portable dishwasher

Having a portable dishwasher in your kitchen will be very handy and save you a lot of time and, yes, even space. Many portable dishwashers can be compacted, rolled away, or hooked onto the sink, so that you can easily put them away after use.

Don’t skimp out on the washing machine

More and more tiny houses are featuring some sort of washing machine. The main reasons people tend to avoid getting a washing machine are the space it takes up and the energy consumed. However, there is a lesser known but ideal hand powered washing machine that is increasingly popular amongst tiny home owners. These washing machines are portable, easy to store away, and do not use any energy, except your own energy of course.