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How to Organize Things in Your New Small Home

Moving into a smaller house can be challenging. Many people do it out of necessity, while others simply want an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

Whatever the reason may be, the way you organize stuff around your new house can make a world of difference. Making a room look bigger is an art form. But it’s an art that anyone can master quite quickly by following some simple rules.

Declutter like your life depended on it

Many people cling to their belongings more than they cling to others, most times without realizing it.

At some point, you’re going to need to realize that most of the stuff you have is useless. Binders with notes from school, old electronics, books that you’ve already read, and many other things you don’t need anymore.

Donate what you can and throw out the rest. If you think that you can’t get rid of certain items, ask yourself sincerely: “Have I even used this thing in the past year?” – if not, throw it away. Well, unless it’s an important document, obviously.

Make a multi-purpose room

Modern studio apartments have a kitchen right next to the living room area. You can apply the same logic to your tiny house to maximize space.

For example, you can designate a special spot for your children’s toys in the living room. Next to it, you can place the couch and TV. That way, you’ll bond more with your family since most of you will be spending time in that room.

In another corner, you could also place a storage cabinet from where you can access important stuff quickly. The examples could go on, but you get the point already. A multi-purpose room maximizes what you can do in a small home.

Reorganize your closet space

Even after you’ve gotten rid of the clutter, you might still be left with many more items that need to be stored somewhere.

Try to organize your belongings in different categories. As an example, you can order things by size. Once you start sorting them out like this, you’ll be surprised how much space you can save instinctively.

Get smaller appliances

A vast number of refrigerators, washing machines, and other appliances are too big to fit in a small home without sacrificing a lot of space.

You might think that smaller appliances don’t do the job as well, but you’d be surprised to find the opposite. Think about this way: you can organize your room more efficiently to make it look bigger. Right?

The same principle applies to engineers who have to manufacture small appliances. Smaller dishwashers can accommodate almost as many plates as full-fledged dishwashers can. And they do that while requiring less space in your kitchen cabinet. See for yourself by reading these 18 inch dishwasher reviews.

Get everything off the floor

Before you ask, no, leave the carpet on the floor. What we mean is, get everything else off. For example, many people leave their shoes at the entrance. Get some small shelves and put your shoes there.

You’ll have two advantages by doing so:

  • More space on the floor
  • Easily get whatever pair you need when going out

Apply the same principle to your kid’s toys, plants, and any other item that you can think of. Even some of the best interior decorators often overlook this small yet effective step.

Choose carefully what you take home

Even after you’ve gotten rid of clutter, you might unknowingly build it back up by buying useless things.

If it’s something small, like a bobblehead, it’s not a big deal. But if it’s a large item, it will take up noticeable space. Learn to be selective and stick to it. This skill will help you out in many more instances than you can imagine right now.