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We are starting to build!

small cabins design


spring is here and it’s the right time to get away from the computer screen and get some fresh air. My target is to build three cabins in four weeks and to videotape and take photos of them, so that I can show you the whole process of building. All videos will be shared here on my blog and on my social networks. My plan is also to modify this website a little bit, so that it can meet my customers’ growing demands. I will add new product category photos and other DIY plans. I enjoy watching my project grow and it charges me with energy. Now, let’s go back to the construction of new cabins.

I selected some ideal land in the region on which I would like to build three structures. It really depends on the quality and beauty of the land. I would say it may be more important than the actual design of the cabin itself. I don’t know exactly, which other ones I will build but Cheryl is clear! It’s the most popular cabin and it’s my favorite as well. Certainly, I will build one from the tiny- houses category. In this category there are houses that meet the requirements for long-term housing. I mean they have a kitchen, a bathroom, etc., which are essential parts of a residential house. The third cabin will probably come from the cabin category. I would like it to be a cabin with a loft. I will inform you here on the blog about my work in progress.