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Cabin plans with loft

We offer a wide variety of cabin plans with loft. You can choose from a small cabin with a small loft which can be used just for sleeping or laying about, or more spacious lofts, where you can spend more time: you can watch TV there or just sitt on the corner of the loft, looking out the window at your beautifully landscaped garden or the larger natural surroundings. These bigger cabin plans with lofts are ideal for relaxing or reading. Your children will love it as well as a non-traditional sleeping space. For their safety a railing can be installed. Our cabin plans with lofts can also be used for pernament living. The minimalistic living is wonderful. You will find that you’ll be happy in your cabin with a spacious loft.
These cabins are also ideal for weekend retreats, or simply spending time with loved ones.

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