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5 Renovation Ideas For Small Houses

Small houses can be dream homes too and just because you are limited in your living space does not mean you cannot make it beautiful, functional, and convenient with some great renovation tips. Furthermore, smaller rooms can even be more homely, personalized, and Hygge-level cozy if they are decorated the right way. Here are some renovation ideas to get you started on the right track to making the most of your special and small house. 

1. Create Ease For Daily Life

Living in a small house means there is less storage and space for all the items you need immediately and some that you only need seasonally or need to be kept for sentimental reasons. In order to live comfortably day to day, you need to have smart storage solutions in your small house so that the main area in your bedroom or living room can appear free and uncluttered.

Think about storage under the stairs, under the bed, and vertical shelving wherever your walls allow it to maximize the available space for storing away items you use rarely. You can also go the custom route in order to make sure you get the measurements just right by getting Phoenix custom sliding shelves made according to specification. It is not uncommon to find odd spaces and corners in smaller houses so this is a way to utilize those. Over the door racks are also an option for small bedrooms! 

2. Use Glass & Mirrors

Smaller houses are at a greater risk of appearing closed-in or claustrophobic. When you are planning the renovation open the space out with the use of glass as much as possible. Consider larger French windows or sliding windows, and glass pocket doors partitioning rooms such as the dining area and the living area instead of opaque wood doors. 

Remember open floor plans suit smaller houses very well and an expert interior designer will sometimes advise knocking down a wall to clear out the space and make it look larger. Life-size mirrors positioned horizontally or vertically are also an expert hack to create the optical illusion that the room is spacious. You can choose from a variety of frames to create a fusion style that is both modern and vintage. Many people nowadays even prefer antique aged mirrors for visual appeal! 

3. Let The Walls Speak

The walls understandably take up most of the visible space in a small home. When renovating use a creamy or off-white color of paint or a brighter tint in favor of darker colors because the lighter your walls, the more spacious your home will seem. For the bedrooms, you can choose a different bright color for each to add personality and diversity along with light reflection. If you are going with wallpaper for the main living areas choose mild colors like pastels, shades of white, or light earthy tones. 

The walls can also be the canvas for wall art and memorabilia, paintings, and photographs, and you can also mount appliances like your television on your walls to economize on available space. If you are not sure of your abilities to paint your house walls evenly consider hiring a painting contractor who may also advise you on the right type and color of paint, for example, plastic emulsion wall paint enables you to erase marks like crayons and dirt later down the road! 

4. Multi-Purpose And Folding Furniture Options 

A small home needs to be multi-functional but there may not always be space for what you want to do such as yoga or meditation. Devise various outlets in a small house to work with the area you have such as having a vegetable garden on the roof, having foldable furniture such as couches that become beds and chairs, and ironing boards that can be folded away neatly into a cabinet. 

Slide-out pantries or cupboards and ottomans that provide additional storage are also wonderful furniture choices because they allow you to maintain a clean space while still being a useful addition to the layout. 

5. Structural Upkeep 

When renovating a smaller home pay special attention to the more structural needs of the property. Have the plumbing, drywall, basement, and even roof professionally evaluated by the best contractors you can find in your area like Russell Roofing Company – Annapolis. Google maps and similar online platforms are an excellent resource for finding local experts and reading testimonials and reviews. The reason why structural evaluations are important in smaller houses is that problems like a leaking roof or a pest infestation can manifest and grow rather quickly so a stitch in time saves nine.