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8 Styling Secrets To Make Your Small Home Look Amazing

If you have a home that is on the smaller side, you may feel there is a limit to what you can do in terms of stylish décor. Nothing could be further from the truth and here are some styling secrets to make your small home look absolutely stunning. 

1. Use Colors In Moderation 

The smaller your space is, the more you will need to be careful when using very bright or dark colors. Generally, darker colors make areas look smaller and more cramped while lighter colors like white, beige, cream, light blue, pastel pink, and so forth open up a space and make it appear larger than it is. 

Use neutral tones in your décor adding pops of bright colors in smaller items like a cushion or wall art. Leaving the main backdrop of any room more neutral and light gives the viewer an illusion that the room is airy and refreshing rather than small and overpowering. 

2. A Good Cleaning Is In Order

A small home as a general rule seems to be more prone to accumulating clutter such as paperwork because there is less storage space. When redecorating your home, take time for a proper deep-clean and decluttering exercise and use smart storage options to utilize areas like under the stairs or vertical space in the form of shelving. A cleaner home is easier on the eyes and also more relaxing for the mind, not to mention it is easier to find items you need to use every now and then as a vegan leather dog collar

3. Mirrors- Your Design Secret Weapon 

Mirrors are an interior designer’s secret weapon because they can be used with very chic frames and they instantly add dimension and the illusion of space to any room. If you want to make a room appear longer or taller, mirrors can be used to brilliant effect. You can also use smaller decorative mirrors to hang on the wall or use décor items like bowls and vases with an embedded mirror design. 

4. Always Conceal Wiring 

Hanging wires for common household appliances like the television or the microwave can be a real eyesore. Find sensible ways to conceal the wires so that the end result is more sophisticated, sleek, and modern. Use special technological device cleaners to add that ‘good as new’ gleam to your well-used and well-loved household devices like computers, televisions, or laptops. Metal cleaners for fridges, ovens, microwaves, etc can also add a very clean and shiny look to your kitchen. 

5. A Headboard To Add Style

The easiest way to add style and a ‘wow’ factor to any bed or air mattress is to get a nice headboard. A gorgeous headboard can make any bed appear a lot more expensive than it is. If you want to go a step further you can add curtain rods around a bed canopy if you feel there is more vertical space in your bedroom. 

6. A Darker Ceiling 

A designer’s secret to making a ceiling appear higher than it is to paint it a darker color or tone like dark grey or navy blue (although any darker color would achieve this effect). Make sure you contact a commercial roofing contractor for quality repairs at a good rate if you think you have leakage in your roof or external damage that is appearing on the inside. 

7. Outlets And Fixtures

In older, smaller homes fixtures like those for the power outlets or lights do stick out and attract notice. Replace your light fixtures with upgraded varieties or use spotlights and lanterns to illuminate your space. You can also cover your power outlets with colorful, aesthetically pleasing cases that you can make yourself. Imagine having a beautiful custom home painting hanging next to an ugly light fixture or power outlet, so you need to make sure all your walls have a fresh coat of paint and are exuding personality and beauty. 

8. Wall Art And Molding

One major factor that makes a house a home is the choice of wall art. Wall art is one of the best ways to express your personal sense of style whether you are framing photographs, posters, paintings, or fabric décor pieces. To make a small room appear deluxe and gorgeous you can also add molding (which is a great addition particularly if you love the vintage style but there are modern and simple versions available too). Molding can be added by hand and it instantly lifts the feel of a room.