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Best Tools To Have Around Your House

Whether you like taking things into your own hands or you prefer calling an expert, having some tools around your house is always a good idea. Basic maintenance is necessary no matter where you live. And having essential tools handy will save you a lot of money in the long run.

With that said, you don’t necessarily need a complete DIY kit. You need things that will get basic tasks done. It’s also good having these in case the repairman forgets to bring a specific tool.

The most common house repairs

What things break or need maintenance in your house most often? For a lot of people, toilet handles seem to break quite often. The primary tool for handling such a repair is an adjustable wrench. It will also come in handy for many things regarding your plumbing system.

A screwdriver is yet another tool to keep nearby. You can use it to change light switches, replace small screws in your furniture, or even fix gadgets such as PCs.

WD-40 and other lubricants are great for fixing things that squeak. More often than not, the metal hinges on doors and windows tend to rust or lose their lubrication. The lubricant offers a quick and stupid-easy fix in such cases.

Measuring tape is not only handy. It’s a must-have. Even if you’re not fixing things yourself, it’s essential to know the dimensions of what’s broken or what needs replacing to save money and time even before contacting the repairman.

Duct tape is yet another thing that comes in handy more times than we can think. From patching a torn tarp to re-attaching the handle to a broken bucket, this thing is a wonder of engineering despite its simplicity.

A hammer is useful for prying and driving nails but also for jobs that require a good whack. We recommend it, especially for its use in doing common roof repairs.

These are just the most basic tools you should have. If you’re dealing with more difficult jobs and repairs around the house, power tools will make things so much easier and more efficient. Some brands are better than others, though, so it helps to have a guide on which power tool brands are worth the investment. After all, your safety might be at risk with cheaper and poorly made tools. It’s best to go with a brand that’s already well-trusted in the industry.

The more professional tools

Adjustable wrenches are incredibly versatile tools that can be used for a wide range of tasks. It’s particularly useful for tightening or loosening plumbing fixtures, making it an essential item for basic plumbing service and repairs. But, they can also grip various-sized nuts and bolts. This versatility means you can use a single tool for multiple applications, saving you money and space in your toolbox.

If you’re ever lived in an apartment building, chances are you’ve been bothered by your neighbor drilling more than once. It’s the most common tool used for a large number of house repairs. However, there are a lot of drills to choose from. And not all of them are a good fit for many jobs.

We recommend looking for drills that are versatile enough to pull off any home repair job that you can think of. For amateurs and professionals alike, our money is on Dewalt power tools. They’re light, they versatile, and they come in cordless options. If you want the full details, check out this Dewalt DCK290l2 review. A great pick for any home kit.

A handsaw is excellent for making quick cuts in wood because it’s much faster and simpler to use than a power saw. As such, it’s an excellent tool to have if you want to build a treehouse. You can also use it to replace a board on your deck or a piece of damaged trim.

Another piece of pro equipment is the stud finder. If you plan on hanging heavy objects to drywall, this tool helps you mount them securely. Without it, you might soon see your wall coming down along with your cabinet or big TV.

Finally, adjustable pliers give you that extra grip for grabbing onto bolts, nuts, and pipes. They can grasp nearly anything and can bend and turn in many different ways. They’re ideal for tightening up plumbing, installing a new toilet, or adjusting garage doors.

Final thoughts

Now that you know what tools are most useful around the household, you can start research on how to use them properly. Bear in mind that a tool is only as good as the person using it. If you ever plan on fixing things yourself, make sure to learn how to handle the tasks at hand properly.