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Top Tips on Picking the Perfect Patio Cover for your House

If you have a patio, you can sit outside and enjoy a drink or a meal with your family. But sometimes, depending on the orientation of your patio, the sun can be blazingly hot, and it can make sitting there uncomfortable. This is one of the main reasons why a patio cover is useful as it is a great way to shade your patio furniture, plants, and yourself, of course. 

Patio covers are also aesthetically appealing as it can dramatically change the way a house looks and increase its attractiveness, that is, if you pick the right one. Patio covers should be chosen by taking into consideration the way your house is designed and the orientation of the sun. You’d be glad to know that patio covers can also be customized to match your design needs as well as your house.  And to help you in deciding what suits your patio best, Concrete Patio Austin is ready to serve you.

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Having a well-designed patio cover enables you to enjoy the outdoors more comfortably. So how do you pick a patio cover? This article will help you out. 

What is a patio cover?

A patio cover is different from patio awning and gazebos. It cannot be retracted. Patios are standing structures with the main purpose of providing shade and shelter, and it is usually attached to the house, or rather, it is an extension of the house. While patio covers provide shade and shelter, it also allows natural lighting to get in. Patio covers, one built does not need much maintenance, unlike gazebos. Essentially, you can think of patio covers as extended roofs that are propped by posts or beams and not walls. Unlike patio awning, a patio cover is stationary and built using solid materials. 

All Gardens are Unique

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What you choose and how you use your patio cover is entirely up to you. Keep in mind that your garden is different from someone else’s, and the needs for your patio cover are also different. Some people want a patio cover that enables them to barbecue every day, or some want a cover that partially gives shade to their plants. Some prefer detachable, while some like attached patio covers. Some people want patio covers that offer them better intimacy and peace. 

When looking to get a patio cover, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How do you plan to use your covered patio?
  • Do you prefer a free-standing patio cover or an attached one 
  • What do you want to patio cover to do- provide more security or more protection from the sun?
  • What is the length, height, and width you need for your patio cover? 

What kind of cover styles do you like? Minimalist, light, sharp, traditional?

Choosing a patio cover is more than just selecting a color that complements your home and garden. You also want to check on how you will be using the covered patio as well as the finishing touches that come with it, such as side panels, awning, and lighting options. 

Once you have an idea of what you want out of your patio cover, here are some useful elements of picking one:

  • Choose your patio cover based on your home
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Your home’s exterior design is one of the biggest factors in helping you decide on the design of your patio cover. Remember that your patio cover is an extension of your home, and you want it to be visually appealing and complement your house. Color and shape are important, and so is the size and functionality. You also don’t want a patio cover that is too big till it blocks a huge portion of your house. Finding a patio cover that is well balanced will ensure its continued use as well as make it an appreciative aspect of your home. 

  • Choosing the right material

The material that you will ultimately choose for your patio cover is also important. This material should be something suitable for the weather that your home is in, and it can be plastic, wood, or aluminum. You want your patio covers to be strong and robust so it can handle extreme weather conditions well, such as strong winds and harsh sunlight. Speaking to your patio specialists is a good way to find out which materials work best in the weather condition in your area. For instance, Royal Covers gives you advice on which materials would best suit your weather conditions when you request a quote. They will also be able to provide recommendations based on the material and which design works best. 

  • Find out your customization options

All gardens are not the same, which means all patio covers should not be the same either. You want to inject your personality, and home style into your patio covers as well because it’s not just a simple cover. Depending on the company you choose to do your patio covers, each of them provides different ranges of customization. Find out how much you can customize your patio and whether they do lights or fans, speakers or even a mist for very hot days. Along with a shaded area, a well-designed patio cover can increase the value of your home and impress your guests. will take care of the trees in your garden, so you can enjoy carefree moments on your patio.

Choosing the Right Material for your Patio Cover

Now that you already have an idea of the kind of patio cover to go for, next is to identify the types of materials you would like. Again, this discussion should be done together with your Patio Cover specialists to decide on which material works well with the weather conditions as well as the kind of cover you are looking for. 

Essentially, you are looking for a patio cover that is weather durable and robust, but it is also lightweight and comfortable. Here are the common types of materials often used to build patio covers and their pros and cons. 

  • Wood 
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Wood is the most popular option for patio covers as it has a very appealing and rustic element that adds unmatched beauty to any home. It gives home users a sense of being in nature and it is strong and robust. Wood allows for easy resizing, and it also allows for more artistic shapes and textures to enhance and style your home. The only major issue with wood is that it is expensive and high in demand. Plus, it requires regular repainting and varnishing, which could cost more in terms of maintenance. 

  • Vinyl 

Vinyl is the option you can speak to your patio company about if you want low maintenance covers. Vinyl is much studier compared to wood and does not require varnishing or repainting. However, it does not have the same aesthetic appeal as wood. It gives the impression of an inexpensive look, but newer models of vinyl have more polished designs. Usually, vinyl comes in limited colors and cannot be painted in more earthy colors. 

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is another top choice for patio covers as it is durable, lightweight and best of all, low maintenance. It also costs less than wood, providing homeowners with comfort without compromising on quality. The only main problem with aluminum is that it could be uncomfortable on hot days as it is metal and it becomes a good conductor for heat. So it can get quite hot on summer days. 

Which should you go for- detached or attached?

Once you have an idea of your patio needs and what material would be best for the cover, you can now look into whether you want a detached or attached patio. The answer to this depends again on what your needs are for the patio- what and where your patio cover should go. 

  • If you want an extension for your house

Go with an attached patio. An attached patio offers shade both for the outdoors as well as keeping it cool to the room that is adjacent to the patio. The shade lessens the bright sun from entering the house, and it also allows you to eat, drink, or entertain outside even when it rains. You also have the option of adding side panels to your attached patio cover, which increases the extension element, giving you an ‘extra’ room. 

  • If you want a home-away-from-home

A detached patio is what you want if you are looking for space somewhere in the garden that separates you from your main home. This can be anything you want it to be- a place to enjoy breakfast in the morning, to sit and watch the rain while sipping on hot cocoa, a place to entertain- a home-away-from-home. Detached patios give you a sense of privacy, and you can also add in panels in certain sections. Usually, detached patios are built nearer to pools or a specific spot in the garden. 

Final Thoughts

The choice of a patio cover depends entirely on what you want out of it and how you want it to look. Ultimately, speaking or consulting with your patio provider will help you meet these goals- what would work best, where is a good place for the patio to be built and what materials are ideal.