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News from DIY builder Ben

Good Morning Joshua,

My water cabin project progresses slowly as working with water around is challenging…. but fun 🙂 The best part of my time goes in managing the farm, my main livelihood. The cabin is now enclosed with 12 out of 15 windows installed. Almost all Tyvek paper and strapping have been installed also. The large 10-inch hemlock deck planks have been placed and the floating adjacent deck, hitch-able to the cabin, or releasable to pole out in the lake is complete. The floating deck is made out of 18 inch HDPE corrugated culvert pipes sealed on both ends. Stagings were
Installed and floated around on the deck. Last weekend we painted the beams and soffits. Siding will go on during fall and winter and interior finish in the next year. Please find attached photos. I’ll keep you posted as the cabin progresses. 

Morning Joshua,

Forgot to mention another interesting technical point of the lake water cabin. Last winter the water around and under the cabin only froze a month later and the ice was very thin for the rest of the winter. The metal well casing pillars embedded in the bottom mud absorb soil heat and conduct it to the still water around the cabin, keeping it above or around 0 Celcius for a long time. There are 16 pillars, 12 for the cabin and 3 for the large protruding over the water veranda. This prevents massive ice movements from damaging the structure when heavy wet snow loading occurs. Pretty cool, it took a few weeks to understand the physical principle at work. We are not engineers! Lol. Once again thank you for inspiring us all with your designs and publications. I’m having fun with this project although quite challenging. 
Ben from Canada:)

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