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Tiny Houses or Skyscrapers?

I’m an architect. I have finished university and my whole professional life is ahead of me. All the time during my studies I used to hear from my professors and students that our target is clear: “to find design studio as fast as possible and start to design skyscrapers and huge office buildings“. It is the only way how to start your architects career. When all people around me, even my parents, say the same words, it makes me very, very cautious. I don’t trust them. It means only one for me: “to go away and find my own solution, my own way to go!” Why office building? I hate offices! Let someone who loves offices, glass and concrete design huge buildings. Not me. I studied architecture for six years and I’ve never heard about small garden architecture. I heard about tiny houses and small minimalist houses for living one or two times but it was just a short mention. Only non-professional builders are interested in this topic. The architects are too proud and egoistic and small cabin are not big challenge for them. This type of modest living is close to my life philosophy, so I decided to design only tiny houses and cabins. I see an opportunity to be one of the leaders, who improve this kind of world architecture.