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Small Pin-Up A-Frame Shed in central Wisconsin part 2

This a-frame build was super quick and simple.


The first part of this construction can be found in this article. The builder Nick sent us more photos and we are happy to provide them with a short interview, here it is:

The skylight is original, do you plan to stargaze before bed? 

The skylight is crystal clear and we are definitely able to stargaze while laying in bed.  It is fantastic!

Where did you buy the window and door, and how difficult was it to install?  

Window and door were purchased from a local hardware store.  Window is 36″ x 48″ single hung.  Both were very easy and quick installs as the framing was done right on site.

I appreciate the color matching of the roofing with the window and door, did you paint it or already buy it that way?  

The door and window were painted.  We matched paint to a standard in stock color.  I wanted the building to blend in to the surroundings, and with the green matching surrounding white pines, the a-frame almost disappears into the landscape.

Do you have any recommendations for those who would like to build a similar cabin? 

This a-frame build was super quick and simple.  It only took roughly 9 days worth of work (~7 days by myself and 2 with help) to get to this point in the build.  The two biggest reasons the build went smooth were that I did a lot of planning and pre-work ahead of time, and I made sure to have extra materials on site so any error didn’t slow me down.