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10 Best Tiny House Blogs To Follow in 2023

The popularity of the tiny house movement is on the rise in the U.S. More and more individuals are opting for compact living spaces, with no more than 400 square feet of floor space. This trend has given rise to a niche market for builders, decorators, and influencers. Our list of tiny house influencers highlights those who have fully embraced the small-space lifestyle and are actively inspiring others to do the same. These top tiny house blogs will help you make the most of your space and take advantage of everything around you.

DIY shipping container house blueprints
Container House Gaia

#1 Dominique Garcia (shabbychictinyhouse)

Dominique is a small space transformation pro on TikTok! She and her husband share the journey of building and decorating their dream tiny house with followers. Dominique even gives an up-close look at the inside and her daily bed-making routine. Follow along for inspiration and insight into how to create a charming abode in a limited space!

#2 Tiny House Talk

Do you dream of a simpler life with less clutter and more freedom? Tiny House Talk is one of those inspiring tiny house bloggers that will help you rethink your small house lifestyle. These daily posts showcase tours of tiny homes, small houses, cottages, cabins, RVs, and other small dwellings. They even cover teardrop campers and houseboats as small house options. Blog owner, Alex Pino, began his journey towards simple living and frugality in 2007 as a way to escape debt. He fell in love with the tiny house lifestyle and wants to share his passion with you.

Small Cabin Victoria

#3 Alicia (tiny.travelchick)

Alicia has an insatiable travel bug! She shares her discoveries of charming tiny vacation rentals from around the world. Some of her favorites include a zen-inspired home in Oregon, an adobe casita overlooking the ocean in Mexico, and a cozy lakeside retreat in Florida. Join her on her adventures and discover unique getaways you’ll never forget.

#4 Tiny Living

Are you ready to downsize and experience the freedom of tiny house living? Look no further than Tiny Living – your best tiny house blogs to follow! The website offers valuable information and inspiration to help you make the transition to a simpler, more fulfilling way of life. Check out the “Builders” tab for a comprehensive list of tiny house builders located in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

They feature home tours of tiny houses that fit customary styles of architecture, such as craftsman, modern, and cottage. Plus, discover the different types of tiny dwellings available, including gooseneck homes, shipping container homes, and luxury tiny homes. Embrace minimalism and the freedom that comes with it by exploring Tiny Living today!

Small House Taylor

#5 Bryce Langston

Bryce, a travel enthusiast and eco-friendly advocate, explores New Zealand for the best tiny homes and alternative dwellings. With over 4.36 million YouTube subscribers, he shares his own small space projects and documents the entire building process on his page, Living Big in a Tiny House. Join Bryce on his journey and discover what daily life is like in a tiny traveling home.

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#6 Tiny Houses

Looking for tiny house info? Don’t overlook Reddit! The TinyHouses feed is packed with valuable insights and advice from people living the tiny house lifestyle. Connect with a supportive community that understands your tiny home dreams and can offer practical tips and tricks. Plus, get answers to frequently overlooked topics like insurance concerns and recommendations for tiny house hotels and vacation rentals. Join TinyHouses on Reddit today!

Tiny A-Frame Shed Lily

#7 Jacob Witzling

Meet Jacob, the artist who creates picturesque cabins and tiny homes that look like they came straight from the pages of a fairytale book. Not only that, he is also a skilled axe maker. Catch a glimpse of his breathtaking creations on Instagram, where he showcases his modern and stylish desert cabin, his petite yet mighty “castle cabin” that belongs in a storybook, and the “crossfire” cabin that resembles a charming little church nested in the heart of the forest.

#8 Makayla

Makayla, a college student, is building a tiny house with her dad, and their teamwork is turning their dream into a reality. As a TikTok influencer, Makayla shares every step of their DIY tiny home-building journey with her followers. From laying flooring and installing a shower door to adding ceiling trim and kitchen countertops, Makayla showcases their progress and inspires others to take on their own DIY projects.

#9 Robert and Samantha (shed_tinyhouse)

Robert and Samantha, along with their toddler Aubrin, are living in a tiny house on wheels in Washington State. They are on a mission to focus on what really matters in life. Despite the limited 200-square-foot space, they showcase their ability to make the most of it. Whether it’s snuggling up by the Christmas tree, adding gorgeous tiles, or preparing the space for guests, they prove that cozy-chic comfort can be achieved even in the tiniest of homes.

#10 Deanna Dunn

If you’re a fan of “van life,” DIY projects, and accomplishing your dream goals, Deanna is the expert to follow. Her TikTok following of 1.8 million witnesses the amazing transformation of her van into a cozy tiny home for her and her loved ones to travel in. Deanna’s impressive skill set includes organizational hacks for optimizing storage space, environmentally-friendly water usage tips, and even helpful pointers for cooking on the road. Discover her techniques and join the #vanlife movement with confidence.


Tiny homes are a growing trend, and whether you are interested in building one yourself or learning more about the lifestyle, there is no shortage of inspiring individuals to follow. From DIY builders to families living the van life, learn from their journeys and uncover all that tiny living has to offer.