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A Happy Ending: Customer Satisfaction with Pin-Up Houses’ Small Garden Building Design

In our last article, we discussed constructing a small garden building based on the Pin-Up Houses design. We received a message from a satisfied customer who sent us some nice photos of the finished project.

What material is the final floor layer made of?

The floor is made of vinyl tiles. Again – bargain sale on the rest of the floor in the store…advantage of the small space.

How is the hot water heated, the outdoor Jacuzzi is heated by electricity?

I’m in the process of figuring out the water heater. Intended to have a flow-through heater, but because of the long water path from the house to the house, the pressure is too low, and the heater won’t turn on. But you can buy a special one for low water pressure.

I made the outdoor tub from a plain tank that we saved from being thrown away, so it is a straightforward affair,. I also chose a plain stove for the Finnish tub – hence the wood heating.

Is the kitchen cabinet from Ikea? Did you assemble it yourself or a professional?

The kitchen is the cheapest from Ikea and was fitted by me. The worktop (like the wall above the line) is made of large format black tiles (120x60cm) with a stone texture.

What paint is applied to the exterior decking?

The decks are painted with a synthetic wood covering paint designed for outdoor use.

The OSB concept for the interior furniture is nice and makes sense in such a large (small) building. Were you inspired by any reference interior realization of the same visually unusual material i.e. OSB?

The OSB in the interior came out sort of automatically. I knew I wanted to make a bespoke bed with storage and work area to use every inch efficiently, and I also didn’t want to pay extra for plywood when I’d already bought so much OSB for the structure itself. It made good use of leftover boards and I like the look of OSB. I didn’t have specific inspiration, but I looked at different concepts on Pinterest where the boards are painted different colors. But I eventually dismissed that:)