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Charming Recycled Interior of a Self-Built Cottage – an Interview with the Builder

We have already written about the builder of this charming cottage in this article. Today we bring you new photos of the largely completed interior.

DIY Plans

The interior lining is made of planks. What is their finish, are they recycled or new?

Recycled wooden pallets! They are thrown to garbage here and there at various commercial places, so it’s free!

I see you cook with gas. What’s your source of drinking water?

The house is close by. Maybe 1 minutes quad drive distance. We fill up a plastic bottles for clean water there and bring them up there 

Do you bring in firewood from around the area?

Most firewood so far comes from the trees we did cut when we cleared the area for the cabin

How thick and what kind of thermal insulation in the walls ceiling and floor did you use?

We used Polyurethane Foam Insulation. A bit more expensive than other insulation methods, but this choice was made to have some peace of mind and not worry about humidity, moisture and all that. I think the thickness is about 2-3 inches. If we had to re-do it, I would probably double the insulation in the ceiling as it creates some ice accumulation in winter.

the fireplace heats up the cottage in no time

What are the lowest temperatures in this location in the winter?

The wooden stove works perfectly, we have been comfortable down to a temperature of -30°c (-22 f)

The stove looks very efficient, how long does it take to heat the cabin in the winter?

Surprisingly fast! We keep our winter coats for 15-30 minutes, and then we sit next to the stove . After 1-2 hours, the entire cabin is pretty warm.   

What kind of exterior facade cladding are you planning?

Re-used vertical wooden cladding. Someone we know is changing his cladding for something new, and he is giving his older one to us if we help him remove it from his house! 

Cheers 🙂