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How to Create a Bohemian Atmosphere in Your Small Home

With the past trends, we had plenty of opportunity to see some stunning yet fairly minimalistic interior trends. Design styles such as pure minimalism or clean Scandinavian sure do look pretty. However, they usually lack the cozy, “lived-in” vibe most people prefer to have in their homes.

For anyone whose tastes gear more towards the warm and welcoming interiors full of lush fabrics, layered eclecticism and stunning décor, the Bohemian design might be more suited. That being said, here are some fun ways you can create a true Bohemian atmosphere right in your own home.

The size doesn’t matter

The first thing we need to mention is the fact that the size of your home doesn’t really pay a huge role in deciding which style to implement in your interior. The fact of the matter is that any style can work for any space as long as you know how to do it right. Since one of the main focuses of the Bohemian style is to create a warm, cozy and welcoming environment, if you live in a small home, it can actually work to your advantage. With all the Bohemian design elements making your space feel cozy and the size of your space prompting the snug vibe, you’ll be able to invoke a true Boho feel in no time. 

It’s all about carefully picked statement pieces

One of the main features of the Bohemian design is definitely its love for eclectic and unique décor pieces. That’s why many people consider Boho to be one of the most customizable design styles. So, when choosing furniture, go for low-level seating, think ottomans and seat pillows and put coziness and comfort front and center. Go for uncommon and original adornment for your walls that will emphasize your unique taste. Make sure you have plenty of light in your home but also see to it that you can easily dim it as necessary to create a more chill and relaxed feel. 

And all the different layers!

Layering is another huge part of creating a Boho-inspired interior. And the best part is that this can be implemented in all the aspects of your home’s design. Start off by carefully layering the lighting solutions to achieve maximum efficiency. Next, add some layered solutions to your windows to play a bit with the room’s depth. Moreover, layer different area rugs to add both visual and physical comfort to your space. Finally, make sure you add plenty of layered greenery to further emphasize your love for nature.

It’s about the right colors

Next, it’s really difficult to talk about the Bohemian color palette, as this interior style has plenty of sub-styles, such as pastel Boho, Boho-chic, Boho-goth and so on. But generally speaking, the most basic Boho color pallet usually focuses mostly on warm, earthy tones. Colors such as warm beige, earthy brown, brick orange and mustard yellow are just some of the staples. Most commonly, white and black are used quite sparsely usually to only put additional emphasis on the statement colors.

And a variety of textures

In the end, the textures are where it’s at. The Bohemian style embraces mixing and combining numerous different textures to not only appease to your senses but also further emphasize the layered vibe. In Boho, more is more, so don’t worry about going overboard. You can add plenty of throw pillows of different textures to your seating arrangement, hang beautiful tapestries on your walls and even mix and match different textures and finishes when it comes to your furniture. 

Simply put, the more freedom you give yourself when creating a Bohemian-inspired interior the better the results are gonna be. So, follow some of these tips but don’t overthink the entire process. Have fun and follow your taste and you’ll surely end up with a stunning Boho home in no time.