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Pillar in Concrete Foundation

wooden cabin Candy
wooden cabin Candy
Small cabin Candy

Materials for timber foundation

  • Concrete (binder/sand/gravel/water) or complex dry concrete mix
  • Rocks
  • Timber – 2“x2“ / 100×100 mm or round timber pieces
  • Basic metal fasteners

Pillar in concrete foundation method

The Pillar in the concrete method of wooden foundations is recommended especially for buildings with their first floor elevated, located in areas with waterlogged soil, or sloping site house designs.

the front porch rim joists
Example of a pillar in concrete foundations, the building of cabin Bettie in Indiana
surveying pillar in concrete foundations
Pillar in concrete foundation process: holes were dug into the ground, wooden piers put into them and leveled with battens, concrete was poured into, and now it is drying
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A big advantage of the method is that wooden columns set in concrete prevent the wood from rotting due to ventilation or vapor coming from soil moisture.

This effect can be enhanced by impregnating the pillars, for example, with bitumen coating. Good quality hardwood with dense growth rings such as oak, larch, or ash tree further helps secure the foundations’ better quality.

Pillar in the concrete method is also advantageous for building in areas where soil contains a large amount of clay, which causes it to react to wet or dry weather conditions by expanding or contracting. That creates additional pressure on the foundations.

Therefore solid pit bottom and strong support of pillar from below are significant, so concrete and bottom fortification made of rocks are used. Moreover, because of their resistance to changing moisture levels, they help prevent cracks, breaks, or other harmful issues cause by the expansive soil.

pit for DIY foundations for wooden cabin
a) To begin the construction of Pillar in concrete foundations, you need a pit approximately 20” / 500 mm deep and 2” / 300 mm wide.
rock fortification of the pit, pillar in concrete foundations
b) It is essential to fortify the bottom of the pit with rocks, as the moisture around will not cause their movement or expansion. Use concrete or cement mix to strengthen them.
pouring concrete DIY wooden foundations
c) Once this is done, you can prepare and adjust the impregnated wooden pillars in the right position and then pour the concrete over them.
wooden foundations floor joist
d) The last step now is connecting the floor joist, using, for example, a metal fastener to hold it in place.

This method of foundations is definitely suitable for DIY builders or anyone seeking low-cost solutions for their constructions. Among our offer of tiny houses and cabins, it is recommended to build, for example for Candy, Louise, Cheryl or Ginger.

A book about foundations and other parts of the construction

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