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DIY Ground Screw Foundation

Ground screws are very popular within the tiny houses building environment. They are a type of foundation where you can avoid the wet stage of your construction process. Thanks to that, the installation is extremely fast and can be carried out by a less experienced builder, too.

Basic facts about ground screws

Ground screws have great load-bearing capacity; thanks to thethread, even hard, compact soils can be penetrated. The driving-in compresses the surrounding soil which further solidifies the position of the ground screw. Ground screw sizes differ according to the size of the structure, from small ground screws for playhouses to large ones for wooden family homes projects.


Installations have several options differing by the type of ground screw selected and its size. The most typical installation involves a rod acting as a lever.

Material needed:

  • 1) Ground screws
  • 2) Rod for driving in / cross bar
  • 3) Metal fasteners

Installation using the cross bar:

Drive the guide rod approx. 8″/ 200mm deep. Then remove the rod and place your ground screw in the opening. Put the steel rod through the screw and use it to drive the screw in as deep as necessary. Put a metal fastener on the top of your ground screw if needed.

Special types:

This ground screw, more like a pole, is hammered in when installed.

Who have used the ground screws building their tiny house? Well, here’s Dan using it while building Alexis a wooden A-frame house for example and many more.

Nevertheless, if you have decided for a different sort of foundations for your tiny house or you didn’t make that decision yet, browse in our Foundations section on the blog and you will surely find a solution that suits your needs.