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Garden Cottage Shelley- an Interview with a DIY builder Patrick

One of our customers builds his own Garden Cottage Shelley. He modified plans a bit, but generally, the design remains the same.

Have you been choosing between more of our designs?

I haven’t chose any other designs from your website (yet)

Have you been building it for yourself (DIY) or with some professional help?

I hired a carpenter to build the platform that the house rests on, but I did the house construction myself

Have you read our book “How to Build a Tiny House”? If yes, did you find it useful while constructing your cabin?

The book had some useful components to help with construction, but I mostly relied on interpreting the design plans

What became the most challenging thing for you during the whole process?  

This was the first time I had built anything on this scale, and it was a very time-consuming project, but overall I didn’t find anything overwhelmingly difficult. 

Was a building permit needed for this cottage?Any recommendations for the potential builders?  

I did not need a building permit for this cottage because it is less than 200 square feet and was built on an elevated platform (as a ‘tree house’) 

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Here is an update from 2022. The house is already occupied by children, enjoy the beautiful playful interior!