Small DIY Cabin Plans

Small cabin plans provide a variety of builder plans cabin designs, sizes and styles, so that you can find what is perfect for you. They are all cozy micro cabin plans at good prices, provided as detailed cabin floor plans with proper instructions and dimensions for easy DIY construction.

Showing 1–16 of 91 results

Showing 1–16 of 91 results

Dream to build a cabin? Let’s do it with our small cabin plans!

Many people have or dream of having a place where they can escape from everyday life, stress and worries. Many people also dream of building such a place. We provide an easy way to DIY constructions of micro cabin plans, sheds, cottages, tiny houses and playhouses.

What are small cabin floor plans well suited for?

Small cabins are ideal option when you need space for weekend getaways, to relax, re-charge your batteries, regain strength for work, forget all the problems and stress for a moment. Wooden cabins can be just a perfect place to hide and enjoy peace and quiet, surrounded by nature and calmness. They are made of wood and usually rather simple, with traditional interior decoration, pitched roof and natural look and colors. This unobtrusive style of small wooden houses allows them to perfectly blend in with their picturesque surroundings with amazing views, as they are often located at beautiful places on lakeside, in the mountains or in the countryside. One can undisturbedly enjoy a strong connection to the nature and outdoor environments providing an opportunity to shape our physical abilities as well as mental stage.

Presentation of one of our experimental prefab tiny house: Built with three people in less than three hours!

Our cabin designs and PDF micro cabin plans

Our small cabin blueprints cover a wide range of cabin designs, so that anyone can find just what they prefer. They come in as detailed small cabin plans with precise measurements in both metric and imperial systems and thorough instructions on the building process, presented in a way for anyone to be capable of following them. However, they can also very well serve as an inspiration leading to your own unique wood cabin, enabling you to build exactly that kind of small wood house you have always been dreaming about! They are perfect as a cost effective and energy saving weekend houses or holiday homes, for couples, groups of friends or entire families. The cabin plans prices are very good. The construction process is fast and cheap and we offer many different shapes and sizes, from small simple one room and tiny cabin plans to larger ones with more rooms and floors. Most of our vacation cabin plans for sale have stoves and other facilities and create a very cozy, warm and welcoming environment.

Small beach cabin plans with loft and front porch

One favorite type among our small cabin plans are cabins with loft. Among these you can also choose from various designs, shapes and sizes, from small lofts just for sleeping or lying around to more spacious ones, which provide more space and can become an additional room, for example to watch TV or just have a rest and enjoy the view. These cabin floor plans with larger lofts are well suitable as a permanent residence too. Another similarly popular are cabin blueprints with porch, decks or screened rooms, usually leading directly to living room. Such cabin with front porch is an ideal space to relax. Apart from simple cabin floor plans for sale, we also offer other types of micro house plans such as tiny houses or cottages.

Video presentation of one of our micro house plans: Built in less than a month!

How to build a tiny house

Are you still thinking and not certain about how to build a cabin? Even though our small cabin plans come with detailed instructions, we also recently published a book How to build a tiny house with much more in-depth information, which could be helpful and useful. It includes descriptions and step by step guides, photographs and illustrations related to all parts of DIY construction including foundations, floor, walls and roof. The book is available to be ordered in print version or as an ebook here.

Video presentation of one of our houses: Built in less than a month!

To see what other customers have already built from our small house plans, check out our blog.